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NOUN   a tautology | tautologies
klifun {kv}
sísanna {kv}
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Translation for 'tautology' from English to Icelandic

klifun {kv}mál.

unverified sísanna {kv}mál.
Usage Examples English
  • In the case of simply typed lambda calculus, a type has an inhabitant if and only if its corresponding proposition is a tautology of minimal implicative logic.
  • In this case, a useful technique is to presume that the formula is not a tautology and attempt to find a valuation which makes it false.
  • A propositional formula is a tautology if it is true under every valuation (or interpretation) of its predicate symbols.
  • Negation, Logical biconditional, exclusive or, tautology, and contradiction are linear functions.
  • In the following truth table the column labelled "taut" for tautology evaluates logical equivalence (symbolized here by ≡) between the two columns labelled d.
  • Occasionally, two synonymous nouns can form a compound noun, resulting in a tautology. One example is the English word "pathway".
  • By implying more than is said, it is distinguished from tautology and understatement.
  • A formula is a tautology of paraconsistent logic if it is true in every valuation which maps atomic propositions to {"t", "b", "f"}.
  • Strong mathematical theories such as ZFC induce propositional proof systems as well: a proof of a tautology [...] in a propositional interpretation of ZFC is a ZFC-proof of a formalized statement ' [...] is a tautology'.
  • Warning: (("x"→"y")→"a")→"x" is "not" a tautology. However, [...]→[...] is a tautology.
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