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NOUN   a videotape | videotapes
VERB   to videotape | videotaped | videotaped
videotaping | videotapes
SYNO to tape | to videotape
myndband {hv}videotape
vídeóspóla {kv}
vídeóleiga {kv}
videotape dealer
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Translation for 'videotape' from English to Icelandic

myndband {hv}

vídeóspóla {kv}tæk.

videotape dealer
vídeóleiga {kv}viðsk.
Usage Examples English
  • Some of the first LaserDisc releases on the market from Discovision were mastered by the company using IVC 9000 VTRs for master videotape playback for making glass masters during the laserdisc replication process.
  • As home videotape recorders were not yet commonplace when KCND-TV left the air in 1975 and as stations often reuse or discard their own videotape stock, no video recordings of the station's programming are known to survive.
  • The BBC experimented from 1952 to 1958 with a high-speed linear videotape system called Vision Electronic Recording Apparatus (VERA), but this was ultimately dropped in favor of quadruplex videotape.
  • Rocko tries to send his parents a videotape of how he's doing in O-Town, but Heffer and Filburt use Rocko's camera to videotape Rocko's private moments (one of which becomes a hit on the independent film circuit).
  • OrrTronics was then sold to Delco Battery and Orr formed Orrox Corporation, which specialized in hard disc drive controllers, refurbishing of Quadruplex videotape recorder heads, and computerized video tape editing systems for TV broadcasters and post-production houses.
  • A videotape was made of the performance and was played back three hours later for western audiences.
  • The program was made on videotape but, as was common at the time, the videotape masters were wiped and re-used.
  • On April 3, 2008, the New Democratic Party of Saskatchewan released a videotape showing Lukiwski, then 40 years old, making homophobic remarks in 1991.
  • The first two seconds of videotape, contrary to the claims made by the accused officers, show King attempting to flee past Laurence Powell.
  • After the adoption of videotape in 1957, many live dramas were shot "live to tape", still retaining a "live" television look and feel but able to both preserve the program for later broadcast and allowing the possibility of retakes (still rare since videotape editing required a razor blade and was not done unless absolutely necessary).
  • It was among the first video formats to contain the videotape inside a cassette, as opposed to the various reel-to-reel or open-reel formats of the time.
  • The 1970s BBC TV show "Porridge" provides a stark example of the visual differences between film and videotape.
  • Miller was known to have a preference for film over videotape and the (16 mm film) format likely due to its compact size for action filming.
  • The process became a footnote in history, though several other attempts were made to revive the essential concept—a higher-resolution videotape system, using modified video cameras, recording to videotape and then making a kinescope for theatrical release.
  • Ampex introduced the quadruplex videotape professional broadcast standard format with its Ampex VRX-1000 in 1956.
  • The concert was shot on videotape, then kinescoped onto 16 mm film.
  • CBS erased the videotape a few days after the game; the same thing they did with Super Bowls I and II, which they broadcast.
  • 1 inch type A videotape (designated Type A by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, SMPTE) was an open-reel helical scan videotape format developed by Ampex in 1965, one of the first standardized open-reel videotape formats in the [...] width; most others of that size at that time were proprietary.
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