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ADJ   nice | nicer | nicest
NOUN   Nice | -
SYNO courteous | dainty | decent | ...
lief {adj}nice [kind, obliging, of a person]
prettig {adj}nice
aardig {adj}nice
mooi {adj}nice
aangenaam {adj}nice [pleasant]
Nice {het}
Aangenaam.Nice to meet you.
Aangenaam kennis met u te maken.Nice to meet you.
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Usage Examples English
  • TCP Nice, a modified version of TCP developed by researchers at the University of Texas at Austin, allows applications to request that certain TCP connections be managed by the operating system as near zero-cost background transfers, or "nice" flows.
  • Dootsie introduces her to Betty Lou, an agoraphobic elderly woman. She is quite nice and Stargirl soon becomes friends with her as well. They also share a very nice time watching flowers together.
  • Compare this with the uncontracted form "Is he not nice?" and the archaic "Is not he nice?".
  • Geometrically speaking, these three properties make Lebesgue measure very nice to work with.
  • "Nutty but Nice" was filmed from April 27 to May 2, 1940. The film title is a play on the expression, "naughty but nice".
  • Tengwe has a nice club which was built by the whites long ago but it's still nice up to current.
  • In "Parliament", Mrs Harris finds that being nice, kind and hopeful does not always lead to people being nice and kind in return. There is rather less comedy in this third book.
  • Minnesota nice was an influence on the Coen brothers movie "Fargo", set in both Minnesota and neighboring North Dakota. A 2003 documentary about the making of the movie was entitled "Minnesota Nice".
  • "That was a nice effort. He's a nice horse with ability".
  • We then get taken back to when Derek first realizes he is looked at as "just a nice guy" in the eyes of girls.
  • The main prize was won by team Nice-ify. The team created a solution that replaces hateful language with a nice-ified version in voice-chat environments.
  • "The Guardian" thought there was "a nice chemistry" between the three main characters and the series was funny "in a nice, cosy, safe, familial, familiar kind of way".
  • In Chicago, a Robin Hood-like crook is an object of affection, nice to some and not so nice to others.
  • Talagune is a village in Sri Lanka. It is located in Central Province. The village has a nice view with surrounded mountains, Terraced paddy fields and a nice water fall named Allegala.
  • Grandville Public Schools embraces the "be nice" program, a positive anti-bullying approach that goes beyond telling kids not to bully.
  • The conjunction may be elided (parataxis): This coffee is nice and hot can become This is nice hot coffee; in both cases one is saying that the coffee is hot to a nice degree, not that the coffee itself would be nice even if cold.
  • The third person singular possessive suffix also acts as a definite article: [...] ("the Udmurt language is nice" – literally "Udmurt language's nice").
  • The task's nice-to-index mapping function [...] is mapped from nice −20...19 to index 0...39 to be used as the input to the prio ratio lookup table.
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