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NOUN   an eye | eyes / eyen [archaic]
VERB   to eye | eyed | eyed
eyeing / eying | eyes
øyne {pl}eyes
å himle med øynene
to roll one's eyes
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Translation for 'eyes' from English to Norwegian

øyne {pl}

to roll one's eyes
å himle med øyneneuttrykk
Usage Examples English
  • The rear row of four eyes may be described as strongly bent, or as being rearranged into two rows, with two large posterior lateral eyes being the furthest back.
  • Common bobtail squid eyes are well developed, as being in the cephalopod class. The eyes have a dense reddish-brown colour with iridescent green around the eyes.
  • In dark eyes, the stroma often contains pigment granules. Blue eyes and the eyes of albinos, however, lack pigment.
  • Their eyes are arranged in three rows, with four small eyes in the anterior (lowest), two large eyes in the second, and two smaller lateral eyes in the third row.
  • Comb-footed spiders usually have eight eyes, but most species have six large eyes, with the anterior median eyes extremely small or absent entirely.
  • Common side effects include red eyes, dry eyes, change in color of the eyes, blurry vision, and cataracts.
  • These spiders have two rows of four eyes each for a total of eight eyes.
  • Development of the eyes is also affected by warfarin.
  • The evolution of spiders' eyes is a subject which has received little attention, and as such not much is known on the subject.
  • Blue eyes with a brown spot, green eyes, and gray eyes are caused by an entirely different part of the genome.
  • atra" eyes are similar to other members of the Linyphiidae family.
  • Opening quote: "Now we've got eyes — eyes — a beautiful pair of children's eyes," he whispered.
  • "Erpobdella octoculata" has 4 pairs of black eyes. The two pairs of labial eyes can occur on segments 2 or 3.
  • The name "ocellata" is derived from the Latin word meaning (having small eyes) and refers to the small eyes of this species compared to the large, rounded eyes of its sister species, "Nebulosa plataea".
  • The compound eyes of "C. dipterum" show a striking sexual dimorphism, whereby females have lateral apposition eyes, while the males' eyes have an additional dorsal "turban-shaped" parts that function as superposition eyes.
  • Compound eyes are typically classified as either apposition eyes, which form multiple inverted images, or superposition eyes, which form a single erect image.
  • Like all jumping spiders, bold jumpers have exceptional eyesight.
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