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tam i z powrotem
backwards and forwards
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Translation for 'backwards and forwards' from English to Polish

backwards and forwards
tam i z powrotemidiom
Usage Examples English
  • For all this disturbance there is no need for new water and the level in the middle stays largely constant though the water there rushes backwards and forwards.
  • The electrons moving in this current will collide with other particles and re-emit the light backwards and forwards.
  • The ability to skate well backwards and forwards are considered to be equally important, as is the ability to transition well between the two.
  • Heat is transferred by conduction when adjacent atoms or molecules collide, or as several electrons move backwards and forwards from atom to atom in a disorganized way so as not to form a macroscopic electric current, or as photons collide and scatter.
  • The partner behind holds the front partner's hands at their hip height, and their joined arms swing backwards and forwards as in the basic step.
  • A sledge microtome is a device where the sample is placed into a fixed holder (shuttle), which then moves backwards and forwards across a knife.
  • The communication trench was blocked with wounded and reinforcements and he went backwards and forwards across open ground under intense fire and succeeded in bringing up 30 boxes before he was wounded in the head.
  • On the day of his death, two young trainspotters watched him for half an hour pacing backwards and forwards on a footbridge over the London-Edinburgh railway line at Low Fell, Gateshead.
  • The Quartet often rehearsed in the Casadesus home, and so it was that Robert was exposed to chamber music. The Beethoven Quartets held no secret for him—he knew them backwards and forwards.
  • Leo Fender believed that this new design was superior to previous designs since the bridge actually moved backwards and forwards along with the strings during vibrato use, thereby maintaining proper intonation even under duress, and preventing strings from binding.
  • Like O'Connell and Keane before her, Black subsequently went on to explore country, blues and jazz, hopping backwards and forwards between Nashville and Dublin.
  • x versions are both backwards and forwards compatible.
  • One of the most compelling features of the AIT format is that many generations are both backwards and forwards compatible.
  • HTML5 aims to be the most complete solution to the problem of tag soup thus far while remaining as backwards- and forwards-compatible as possible.
  • With a pump-action firearm, the action is operated by a movable fore-end that the shooter moves backwards and forwards to eject a spent round, and extract and chamber a fresh round of ammunition.
  • Once the waste is dumped, it is compacted by a hydraulically powered moving wall that oscillates backwards and forwards to push the waste to the rear of the vehicle.
  • Cuts and other language constructs may have to be used to achieve desirable performance, destroying one of Prolog's main attractions, the ability to run programs "backwards and forwards".
  • This "pin-registered" gate means that the film can be wound backwards and forwards through the camera head many times, but will always return to exactly the same place without any shifts of the film frame.
  • Mechanical toys use 4 types of different movements, rotary (going around in a circle), linear (moving in a straight line then stopping), reciprocating (moving backwards and forwards continuously in a straight line) and oscillating (moving backwards and forwards in a curve).
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