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NOUN   an element | elements
SYNO chemical element | component | constituent | ...
pierwiastek {m} chemiczny
element [chemical]
konieczna część {f}essential element [necessary part]
pierwiastek {m} śladowy
trace element
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Usage Examples English
  • TFIIB makes sequence-specific protein-DNA interactions with the B recognition element (BRE), a promoter element flanking the TATA element.
  • The UnaL2 LINE 3′ element is an RNA element found in the UnaL2 LINE (long interspersed nuclear element) and partner SINE (short interspersed nuclear element) from eel.
  • The FIE3 (ftz instability element 3′) element is an RNA element found in the 3′ UTR of the fushi tarazu mRNA.
  • The 22nd MEU was composed of Battalion Landing Team (BLT) 2nd Battalion 4th Marines (ground combat element), HMM-261 (REIN) (aviation combat element) and MSSG-22 (logistics combat element).
  • The chemical element Selenium was named after Selene by Jöns Jacob Berzelius, because of the element's similarity to the element tellurium, named for the Earth (Tellus).
  • The provided implementation calculated odd primes only, so the 8191 element array actually represented primes less than 16385.
  • When the Element3 button is clicked, an event handler for Element 3 is triggered first, then event bubbles up and the handler for immediate parent element - Element 2 is called, followed by the handler for Element 1 and so on till it reaches the outermost DOM element.
  • Ac/Ds transposable controlling elements was the first transposable element system recognized in maize.
  • In numerical mathematics, the constant strain triangle element, also known as the CST element or T3 element, is a type of element used in finite element analysis which is used to provide an approximate solution in a 2D domain to the exact solution of a given differential equation.
  • The bilinear quadrilateral element, also known as the Q4 element, is a type of element used in finite element analysis which is used to approximate in a 2D domain the exact solution to a given differential equation.
  • Neither element 119 nor element 120 was observed. This implied a limiting cross section of 65 fb for producing element 119 in these reactions, and 200 fb for element 120.
  • The only element in "S" is the zero element 0 of "S" and is also the identity element 1 of "S".
  • In addition to the element samples, some element collectors also collect items connected with the element, such as manufactured goods containing the element, rocks and minerals with the element as a constituent or compounds of the element.
  • Muhanna and Mullen applied element by element formulation to the solution of finite element equation with the interval parameters.
  • In synchronized skating, both juniors and seniors must perform a maximum of six required elements.
  • In both cases, the element [...] is called a generating element or primitive element for the extension; one says also [...] is generated over [...] by [...].
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