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NOUN   an eye | eyes / eyen [archaic]
VERB   to eye | eyed | eyed
eyeing / eying | eyes
SYNO center | centre | eye | ...
oko {n} [Oculus]
2 Words
podbite oko {n}
black eye
kolor {m} oczu
eye color [Am.]
kolor {m} oczu
eye colour [Br.]
krople {} do oczu
eye drops
kredka {f} do oczueye pencil
cień {m} do oczueye shadow
cień {m} do powiekeye shadow
oczodół {m}
eye socket
(górny) kieł {m}
eye tooth
3 Words
widok {m} z lotu ptakabird's eye view
obiektyw {m} krótkoogniskowy
fish-eye lens
4 Words
ślepy na jedno oko {adj}blind in one eye
gołym okiem {adv}to the naked eye
5+ Words
w mgnieniu okain a blink of an eye
Czego oczy nie widzą, tego sercu nie żal.
What the eye does not see, the heart does not grieve over.
oko {n} cyklonu
eye of a / the cyclone
oko {n} burzy
eye of a / the storm
Taxa/Species (Animals, Plants, Fungi)
pierwiosnek {m} omączony [Primula farinosa]
bird's-eye primrose
pierwiosnka {f} omączona [Primula farinosa]
bird's-eye primrose
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Usage Examples English
  • Psyklop has a single compound eye, like all members of his race.
  • The Marianne white-eye ("Zosterops semiflavus"), also known as Seychelles chestnut-sided white-eye or Seychelles yellow white-eye, is an extinct species of small bird in the white-eye family.
  • Kaluu formerly wore an eye-patch covering his left eye, though this eye has since been restored.
  • Eye-gouging is the act of pressing or tearing the eye using the fingers or instruments. Eye-gouging involves a very high risk of eye injury, such as eye loss or blindness.
  • Eye diseases are common in dogs. Cataracts, canine glaucoma, and entropion are seen in dogs.
  • The all-seeing eye (or the Eye of Providence) is a symbol that represents the eye of God watching over humanity.
  • The University Eye Center provides eye care, corrective lenses, and vision therapy to the public.
  • Amblyopia, commonly known as “lazy eye”. It occurs when a single eye sends input to the brain while ignoring inputs from the other eye. This results in monocular vision.
  • The ASEAN Association of Eye Hospitals (AAEH) is an organization that promotes the quality of ophthalmology by eye hospitals in South East Asia region.
  • Nearly all of the dragonfly’s head is eye, allowing incredible vision that encompasses almost every angle except right behind them.
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