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NOUN   a typographical error | typographical errors
SYNO erratum | literal | literal error | ...
błąd {m} drukarskitypographical error
błąd {m} typograficzny
typographical error
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Translation for 'typographical error' from English to Polish

typographical error
błąd {m} drukarski

błąd {m} typograficznydzienn.
Usage Examples English
  • Boole's rule is sometimes mistakenly called Bode's rule, as a result of the propagation of a typographical error in Abramowitz and Stegun, an early reference book.
  • Anson signed a ten-year contract in 1888 to manage the White Stockings (which, because of a typographical error he failed to spot, ended after the 1897 season instead of 1898), but his best years were behind him.
  • Miller's nickname "Dorie" may have originated from a typographical error.
  • When a newspaper dispatch arrived in New York during the Peninsula Campaign, a typographical error changed the entry "Fighting – Joe Hooker Attacks Rebels" to remove the dash and the name stuck.
  • The holding company for the land was named the Jet Era Ranch Corporation, but a typographical error transformed the words "Jet Era" into "Jetero" and the airport site subsequently became known as the Jetero airport site.
  • The term "filk" (originally a typographical error) predates 1955.
  • It authorizes the city or municipal civil registrar or the consul general to correct a clerical or typographical error in an entry or change the first name or nickname in the civil register without need of a judicial order.
  • "Galaxy's Edge" magazine reprinted "Lest Darkness Fall" over four issues starting in August 2014, repeating a typographical error that appears in "Lest Darkness Fall and Related Stories" ("have" for "lave" in Padway's seduction scene).
  • Typically, it is a typographical error in which the author is referring to the 720p HDTV format.
  • The ALAEA claims to have in excess of 4000 members and in its most recent annual return claimed to have 4085 members as of 1 January 2005, although this date could have been a typographical error (and should have been 1 January 2006) as the previous year's annual return also referred to the same date.
  • This is sometimes mistaken by readers as a typographical error or the result of a missing page, but was purposely written by Ellis.
  • One of his records is from Ajwa in Vadodara district which is believed to be a typographical error for Ahwa further south.
  • The doctrine of a "scrivener's error" is the legal principle that a map-drafting or typographical error in a written contract may be corrected by oral evidence if the evidence is clear, convincing, and precise.
  • For several decades, Spahn's Hall of Fame plaque contained a typographical error, crediting him with 2,853 strikeouts.
  • This typographical error appeared in early vocal scores and still appears in a current Chappell vocal score edition, although some scores have corrected it.
  • In 1961, Sheila Michaels attempted to put the term into use when she saw what she thought was a typographical error on the address label of a copy of "News & Letters" sent to her roommate.
  • It probably arose as a typographical error; von Huene intended to assign indeterminate remains to Coelurosauria "incertae sedis", but at some point in the process of publication a revision to the text made it appear that he was creating a new generic name "Coelurosaurus" (as described by George Olshevsky in a 1999 post to the Dinosaur Mailing List).
  • An old name for the species, " [...] ", is still occasionally seen, and a typographical error "mugho" (first made in a prominent 18th-century encyclopedia) is still often repeated.
  • Until 1932 the generally accepted length of the Rhine was [...]. In 1932 the German encyclopedia Knaurs Lexikon stated the length as [...] , presumably a typographical error.
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