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język {m} pisanywritten language
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Translation for 'written language' from English to Polish

written language
język {m} pisany
Usage Examples English
  • Together with the fact that until 1925 Danish was not taught in the public schools, these policies had the consequence that Greenlandic has always and continues to enjoy a very strong position in Greenland, both as a spoken as well as written language.
  • Interlingua is primarily a written language, and the pronunciation is not entirely settled. The sounds in parentheses are not used by all speakers.
  • Ibsen wrote his plays in Danish (the common written language of Denmark and Norway during his lifetime) and they were published by the Danish publisher Gyldendal.
  • From the Hellenistic period, Greek replaced Egyptian as the written language of Egyptian scholars.
  • Unlike furigana, the use of okurigana is a mandatory part of the written language.
  • In written language, this may help to resolve potential ambiguities that would arise otherwise (cf. "He's breaking the car" vs. "He's braking the car").
  • Further, differences in writing systems may affect development of written language ability due to the interplay between auditory and written representations of phonemes.
  • Romansh came to be a written language, and therefore it is recognized as a language, even though it is very close to the Lombardic alpine dialects and classical Latin.
  • In turn, that differentiates human spoken language from animal communication and other human communication systems such as written language.
  • Cimbri is referenced in Italo Calvino's novel "If on a Winter's Night a Traveller" as a fictional country that warred with a similarly fictionalised version of Cimmeria, thus imposing its own written language onto the Cimmerians.
  • The function of the written language was initially performed by Old Slavonic written in Glagolitic, later by Latin written in Latin script.
  • The Chinese character numeral system consists of the Chinese characters used by the Chinese written language to write spoken numerals.
  • In addition, he proved that treating whitespace as the 27th letter of the alphabet actually lowers uncertainty in written language, providing a clear quantifiable link between cultural practice and probabilistic cognition.
  • Unlike similar constructed languages like aUI, Blissymbolics was conceived as a written language with no phonology, on the premise that "interlinguistic communication is mainly carried on by reading and writing".
  • Despite the evolution of new technologies, including screen reader software that reads information aloud, braille provides blind people with access to spelling, punctuation and other aspects of written language less accessible through audio alone.
  • The dialects of Old Eastern Aramaic continued in Assyria, Mesopotamia, Armenia and Iran as a written language using the Estragela Edessa script.
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