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NOUN   xylem | xylems
ksylem {m}
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Translation for 'xylem' from English to Polish

ksylem {m}bot.leśn.
Usage Examples English
  • "Amborella" has xylem tissue that differs from that of most other flowering plants.
  • There is a direct correlation between colonization of xylem and susceptibility to Mal secco.
  • Xylem vessels sometimes empty over winter. Root pressure may be important in refilling the xylem vessels. However, in some species vessels refill without root pressure.
  • After emerging from its latent phase, branches will wilt and turn reddish-brown as the bacteria colonize the xylem.
  • These plants have stems without secondary thickening and xylem without vessels. The sieve-tube plastids are P-type. The root xylem does not present vessels.
  • The next stage in the transpiration stream is water passing into the xylem vessels.
  • Xylem sap is mostly made of water. This is because one of the main roles of xylem is to transport water and inorganic nutrients throughout the plant.
  • These bundles include both xylem and phloem, as well as supporting and protective cells.
  • Secondary phloem and secondary xylem were seen distinctly.
  • The branching pattern exhibited by xylem follows Murray's law.
  • This enzyme is required for correct xylem specification through regulation of the lifetime of the xylem elements.
  • Pith composed of parenchyma cells and sclerenchyma cells, primary xylem is endarch, secondary xylem with points with halos that dominate, thick radial walls of tracheids, absence of resin canals and axial parenchyma, indicate its relationship to the family Taxaceae.
  • "Hamatophyton" is a genus of the extinct Sphenophyllales horsetails. Unique to this genus among other Sphenophyllales is its lack of secondary xylem around the tips of the primary xylem arms.
  • White pine xylem has been used as a filter to clean certain bacteria from contaminated water.
  • The plant xylem sap may be able to detour around the cavitation through interconnections.
  • Stems have two pipe-like tissues called xylem and phloem.
  • Xylem sap (pronounced [...]) consists primarily of a watery solution of hormones, mineral elements and other nutrients.
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