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NOUN   a type | types
VERB   to type | typed | typed
typing | types
SYNO case | character | eccentric | ...
digitarto type
tipo {m} [classe]type
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Translation for 'type' from English to Portuguese

to type

tipo {m} [classe]
Usage Examples English
  • In the Tholen taxonomy, "Kenos" is an E-type asteroid. PanSTARRS has characterized it as a CX-type, which transitions between the C-type and X-type asteroids.
  • TriMet's fleet includes 145 light rail vehicles, of four general types: TriMet Type 1, Type 2/Type 3 (almost identical), Type 4 and Type 5.
  • A type system that assigns types to terms in type environments using typing rules is naturally associated with the decision problems of type checking, typability, and type inhabitation.
  • Type-2 and type-3 incorrigibility are logical converses, and therefore logically independent.
  • In rat neurons, less selectivity for kurtoxin on calcium channels is found. Here the toxin interacts with high affinity with T-type, L-type, N-type, and P-type channels.
  • In the Tholen classification, "Gaussia" has an ambiguous spectral type. Its type is closest to the primitive P-type asteroids, followed by the common carbonaceous C-type asteroids.
  • Photosensitivity reactions are classified by origin into four types: Type I, Type II, Type III and Type IV.
  • In type theory, a recursive type has the general form μα.T where the type variable α may appear in the type T and stands for the entire type itself.
  • According to the structure, the dry mortar production line can be classified as four different types: Tower type, Stair type, Block type and Flat type.
  • The other classification is a sensory grouping that uses the terms "type Ia and type Ib", "type II", "type III", and "type IV", sensory fibers.
  • There are two types of radar transmitter for the FuMO-61 "Hohentwiel" U and FuMO-65 "Hohentwiel" U1, the Type F431 C1 and the Type F432 D2.
  • Tagged unions are often accompanied by the concept of a type constructor, which is similar but not the same as a constructor for a class.
  • Leucus is a D-type asteroid, which is the dominant spectral type among the Jupiter trojans, with the remainder being mostly carbonaceous C-type and primitive P-type asteroids.
  • Population of surname Song's ABO blood type distribution is O blood type 31.3%, B blood type 30.6%, A blood type 28.4% and AB blood type 9.7%.
  • In type theory, the empty type or absurd type, typically denoted [...] is a type with no terms. Such a type may be defined as the nullary coproduct (i.e. disjoint sum of no types).
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