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NOUN   an ulterior motive | ulterior motives
segundas intenções {}ulterior motives
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Translation for 'ulterior motives' from English to Portuguese

ulterior motives
segundas intenções {}
Usage Examples English
  • This was his way of deterring people who were not serious in their spiritual aspirations, or who came to him with ulterior motives.
  • Vairamuthu denied all allegations and said they are "filled with ulterior motives".
  • The Chinese foreign ministry responded to criticism by saying that it was not an issue and that anyone saying otherwise must have ulterior motives.
  • A storyline late in the run of "The New Adventures of Superboy" sees Smallville's town council propose building Smallville's first shopping mall, though the mall's construction is revealed out to have sinister ulterior motives.
  • Captain Archer and Commander Tucker are invited to a desert planet by a man named Zobral only to discover that he is a "terrorist" with ulterior motives.
  • As Edward gets closer to making a breakthrough with his research he becomes suspicious of Everett and his ulterior motives as he realizes that he is getting closer to not only unlocking the mind but also the secrets of eternal death.
  • This prompted Hearts' Sporting Director Alex Kozlovski to suggest that the supporters had ulterior motives for booing them, expressly their nationality.
  • Ganilau reiterated his stand on 3 July that the legislation was motivated not by the goal reconciliation, but by ulterior motives, namely the freeing of lawbreakers.
  • Luther makes a pass at Dennis during a faculty luncheon, confirming Jack's suspicion about his ulterior motives.
  • Roy suspects Claudia has ulterior motives and is distracting Ishmael.
  • Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Jiang Yu described these reports as "completely groundless and out of ulterior motives".
  • For example, Amitabh Pal of "The Progressive" wrote that as Rice specifically refrained from applying the term to such states as Saudi Arabia, Equatorial Guinea, and Azerbaijan, it suggested that the administration had ulterior motives for its human rights pronouncements, which are "heavily subordinate to U.S.
  • Washington goes on to warn the American people to question the ulterior motives of any person or group who argues that the land within the borders of the United States is too large to be ruled as a republic, an argument made by many during the debate on the proposed purchase of the Louisiana Territory, calling on the people to give the experiment of a large republic a chance to work before deciding that it cannot be done.
  • During the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 Bo initially supported moderate Party leaders who called to compromise with protesters, but was later persuaded to support Party hardliners who believed that the students were secretly being controlled by "imperialists with ulterior motives".
  • This auspicious title exists because performing a favor for someone who is dead is considered the ultimate act of kindness – as a dead person can never repay the kindness, making it devoid of ulterior motives.
  • Through the popularity of her Wonder Woman secret identity, the personality, concept, and name of Diana Prince have become ingrained in popular culture, becoming synonymous with secret identities and innocuous fronts for ulterior motives and activities.
  • have suggested that Google has ulterior motives for "turning a blind eye" to the problem since the websites being pointed to use Google ads, which potentially generate revenue for both the spammer AND Google.
  • Rush (Carlyle) works to unlock the mysteries of the ship and return the group home, but evidence of his ulterior motives soon arises."
  • Unfortunately, sincere warmth may leave one vulnerable to those with ulterior motives.
  • On the other hand, the presumption is solely concerned with evidence of an intent to create a trust; ulterior motives to create a trust are not taken into account.
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