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încotro {adv}where to
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Translation for 'where to' from English to Romanian

where to
încotro {adv}
Usage Examples English
  • Gevarus warns Hotherus of this and tells him where to meet Gelderus in battle.
  • com's black-and-white monochrome touchscreen measures approximately one and a half inches by two inches, and is divided into square zones that are imprinted onto the screen itself, to aid players in determining where to apply the stylus.
  • In February 1918, General Mannerheim deliberated on where to focus the general offensive of the Whites.
  • Operating systems typically ship a "file picker", which allows specifying in which location to save a file (usually accessed through the "Save as" option in software), and where to open a file from.
  • The Heracleidae fell into disagreement about where to take Alcmene's body, with some wishing to take her corpse back to Argos, and others wishing to take it to Thebes to be buried with Amphitryon and Heracles' children by Megara.
  • ... e., where to add it among many rules) is challenging.
  • Once a rough cut of the film is ready, Elfman and the director have a spotting session to decide where to place music in the film, the emotional undercurrents of each scene, and overall tone.
  • Scores don't systematically indicate fretboard positions (where to put the first finger of the fretting hand), but when helpful (mostly with barrés chords) the score indicates positions with Roman numerals from the first position I (index finger on the 1st fret: F-B flat-E flat-A flat-C-F) to the twelfth position XII (index finger on the 12th fret: E-A-D-G-B-E.
  • 1), is analogous to the problem faced by a lifeguard in deciding where to enter the water in order to reach a drowning swimmer as soon as possible, given that the lifeguard can run faster than (s)he can swim.
  • West Pakistan experienced great problems related to the divisions, including ethnic and racial friction, lack of knowledge, and uncertainty of where to demarcate the permanent borders.
  • The Washington State Department of Health provides an online guide to assist in identifying shellfish varieties as well as providing guidance about where to find specific varieties.
  • For those using Web crawlers for research purposes, a more detailed cost-benefit analysis is needed and ethical considerations should be taken into account when deciding where to crawl and how fast to crawl.
  • This was a popular treatment for almost any illness, but there was some debate about where to take the blood from.
  • However, it gives no information as to where to find a copy of that book.
  • This information can be used to predict where to look for new deposits and even new mineral species.
  • There is ambiguity in the ideas as to where to draw a line on "species", "created kinds", and what events and lineages fall within the rubric of microevolution or macroevolution.
  • It is observed that among the Kipsigis, knowledge is measured binomially where to be thought of as knowledgeable, "ng’om", one has to display the application of the corresponding knowledge.
  • The dead included Zalmen Gradowski, who kept notes of his time in Auschwitz and buried them near crematorium III; after the war, another "Sonderkommando" member showed the prosecutors where to dig.
  • Goodspeed reports a successful mission but lies that Mason died during the blast; he admits to Mason that Womack tore up the pardon and offers him a way off the island and where to find cash in his hotel room.
  • At a lower level, there is still no general agreement on where to draw the line between "languages" and "dialects" [...] an issue particularly relevant in Arabic, Aramaic and Gurage [...] and the strong mutual influences between Arabic dialects render a genetic subclassification of them particularly difficult.
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