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ADJ   false | falser | falsest
SYNO assumed | delusive | faithlessly | ...
фальшивый {adj}false [insincere, artificial]
фальстарт {м} [тж. перен.]
false start [also fig.]
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Usage Examples English
  • False memories result from persistent beliefs, suggestions via authority figures, or statements of false information.
  • They are true/false statements, as would mean false.
  • False negatives and false positives are significant issues in medical testing.
  • The ninth commandment (alphabets 354-362) discusses all kinds of false witnesses, including false prophets.
  • Pseudo-mythology should not be confused with the term "false mythology" in the derogatory meanings of "false beliefs" or "false/fabricated stories".
  • Mithyātva is an important concept on false knowledge in Jainism. The Jaina scholar Hemachandra defined mithyātva as "belief in false divinities, false gurus and false scriptures".
  • Polage showed that some participants exposed to false news stories would go on to have false memories.
  • The common false moray, false moray, grey reef eel, or plain false moray, ("Kaupichthys diodontus"), is an eel in the family Chlopsidae.
  • "Siphonaria gigas", common name the giant false limpet, is a species of air-breathing sea snail or false limpet, a marine pulmonate gastropod mollusc in the family Siphonariidae, the false limpets.
  • When all inputs are false, the output is false.
  • "Sorbaria sorbifolia", the false spiraea, is a species of flowering plant in the family Rosaceae.
  • Serious issues arise when recovered but false memories result in public allegations; false complaints carry serious consequences for the accused.
  • Another possible case sets P as false and Q as true. Thus, P∧Q is false and P→(P∧Q) is false; false→false is true.
  • While false memory research is still in early development, the application of FTT in false memory has been able to apply to real world settings; FTT has been effective in explaining multiple phenomena of false memory.
  • The false positive rate (or "false alarm rate") usually refers to the expectancy of the false positive ratio, expressed by [...].
  • Another example is Dunn's 4-valued logic, in which "false" < "neither-true-nor-false" < "true" and "false" < "both-true-and-false" < "true", while "neither-true-nor-false" and "both-true-and-false" are not comparable.
  • Truth tables for if-then statements identify four unique combinations of premises and conclusions: true premises and true conclusions; false premises and true conclusions; true premises and false conclusions; false premises and false conclusions.
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