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NOUN   an upset stomach | upset stomachs
SYNO dyspepsia | indigestion | stomach upset | ...
расстройство {с} желудкаupset stomach
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Translation for 'upset stomach' from English to Russian

upset stomach
расстройство {с} желудка
Usage Examples English
  • It has been reported that even cooked morels can sometimes cause symptoms of upset stomach when consumed with alcohol.
  • In the form of Doktor Koster's Antigaspills, belladonna was a homeopathic medication for upset stomach and excessive flatulence.
  • Bromo-Seltzer was a brand of antacid formulated to relieve pain occurring together with heartburn, upset stomach, or acid indigestion.
  • One common adverse effect is an upset stomach. More significant side effects include stomach ulcers, stomach bleeding, and worsening asthma.
  • It was used as a tonic for upset stomach and to ease childbirth.
  • Nearing Boulder, Bob fakes an upset stomach and sends the rest of the family on a hike before meeting with the Alpine Soda owners.
  • This dish is also prepared by parents to give to children when they have an upset stomach.
  • People with abacavir hypersensitivity often develop a fever, chills, rash, upset stomach, and other symptoms when treated with this drug.
  • Common side effects include an upset stomach. Other side effects may include muscle or joint pains, shortness of breath, and liver problems.
  • "Smilax rotundifolia" vines and roots boiled together with tea was used to treat an upset stomach.
  • Following their second test defeat, England suffered a further injury blow when Alastair Cook developed an upset stomach on the morning of the match.
  • As a home remedy, saltines are consumed by many people in order to ease nausea, diarrhea (see bland diet), and to settle an upset stomach.
  • Side effects of quinapril include dizziness, cough, vomiting, upset stomach, angioedema, and fatigue.
  • A song that was not featured but still benefited from critical acclaim was "Upset Stomach," written and performed by Stevie Wonder.
  • Although cat's claw appears to be safe for human use below 350 milligrams per day over 6 weeks, its adverse effects may include nausea, diarrhea, upset stomach, and an increased risk of bleeding if used with an anticoagulant drug.
  • In an incident to become known as "Poogate" he used the referee's toilet before a game, claiming he had an upset stomach due to antibiotics he was on at the time.
  • The highest overdose reported with zafirlukast is 200 mg. All overdose patients have survived. Symptoms reported included rash and upset stomach.
  • and as the first solid food for patients with an upset stomach.
  • An antacid is a substance which neutralizes stomach acidity and is used to relieve heartburn, indigestion or an upset stomach.
  • Vernor's ginger ale is often used as a home remedy for an upset stomach.
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