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NOUN   a viper | vipers
гадюка {ж}
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Translation for 'viper' from English to Russian

гадюка {ж}зоол.T
Usage Examples English
  • Rock viper, coastal viper, Ottoman viper, Turkish viper, Near East viper, mountain viper.
  • Common names for "V. kaznakovi" include Caucasus viper, Kaznakow's viper, Kaznakov's viper, and Caucasus adder.
  • The Lebanon viper ("Montivipera bornmuelleri"), also known as Bornmueller's viper, The species is native to Western Asia.
  • Common names for "A. barbouri" include Uzungwe viper, Barbour's viper, worm-eating viper, Barbour's short-headed viper, and Uzungwe mountain bush viper.
  • "Psammodynastes pictus", the painted mock viper or spotted mock viper, is a species of snake from Southeast Asia.
  • Reptiles such as the Russell's viper, Indian cobra, Himalayan pit viper, and saw-scaled viper are found here.
  • Its common names include butterfly viper, rhinoceros viper, river jack, rhinoceros horned viper, and horned puff adder.
  • There are a total of ten species of snakes living in Romania, of which three, the common European viper, the meadow viper and the horned viper, are venomous.
  • Meadow viper ("Vipera ursinii"), blunt-nosed viper ("Macrovipera lebetina"), Iranian valley viper ("Vipera latifii") and Caucasian agama ("Laudakia caucasia") are among the reptiles of this mountainous region.
  • Venomous snakes include the member of "big four" (Indian Krait, Russell's Viper, Saw-scaled Viper and Indian Cobra) with Banded Krait, Bamboo Pit viper and Common vine snake.
  • "Trimeresurus insularis" or Indonesian pit viper, Lesser Sunda Islands pit viper, Sunda white-lipped pit viper is a venomous pit viper species found in eastern Java and the Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia.
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