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NOUN   a warbler | warblers
светлобрюхая пеночка {ж} [Phylloscopus bonelli]
(western) Bonelli's warbler
ястребиная славка {ж} [Sylvia nisoria]
barred warbler
садовая камышовка {ж} [Acrocephalus dumetorum]
Blyth's reed warbler
провансальская славка {ж} [Sylvia undata, syn.: Curruca undata]
Dartford warbler
садовая славка {ж} [Sylvia borin]
garden warbler
дроздовидная камышовка {ж} [Acrocephalus arundinaceus]
great reed warbler / reed-warbler
зелёная пересмешка {ж} [Hippolais icterina]
icterine warbler
речной сверчок {м} [Locustella fluviatilis]
river warbler
соловьиный сверчок {м} [Locustella luscinioides]
Savi's warbler
камышовка-барсучок {ж} [Acrocephalus schoenobaenus]
sedge warbler
пеночка-весничка {ж} [Phylloscopus trochilus]
willow warbler
пеночка-трещотка {ж} [Phylloscopus sibilatrix]
wood warbler
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Usage Examples English
  • The Rubeho warbler is a cryptic species only described as separate from the Winifred's warbler in 2009.
  • Davison's leaf warbler ("Phylloscopus intensior") or the white-tailed leaf warbler, is a species of leaf warbler (family Phylloscopidae).
  • The evergreen forest warbler or Cameroon scrub-warbler ("Bradypterus lopezi") is a grass warbler species in the family Locustellidae. It was formerly included in the "Old World warbler" assemblage.
  • The little rush warbler or African bush warbler ("Bradypterus baboecala") is a species of Old World warbler in the family Locustellidae.
  • The black-eared warbler or Costa Rican warbler ("Basileuterus melanotis") is a species of bird in the family Parulidae.
  • The Sri Lanka bush warbler ("Elaphrornis palliseri"), also known as Ceylon bush warbler or Palliser's warbler, is an Old World warbler which is an endemic resident breeder in Sri Lanka, where it is the only bush warbler.
  • The northern Marquesan reed warbler ("Acrocephalus percernis") is a species of Old World warbler in the family Acrocephalidae.
  • Gray's grasshopper warbler ("Helopsaltes fasciolatus"), also known as Gray's warbler, is a species of grass warbler in the family Locustellidae; it was formerly included in the "Old World warbler" assemblage.
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