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NOUN   wariness | -
SYNO chariness | wariness
осторожность {ж}wariness
осмотрительность {ж}wariness
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Translation for 'wariness' from English to Russian

осторожность {ж}

осмотрительность {ж}
Usage Examples English
  • The prevalent opinion in Slovenia and Croatia was wariness of Serb nationalism and that the Martinović case was merely a pretext to force a change to the Yugoslav constitution to give Serbia full control over its two autonomous provinces.
  • The letters emphasize several important themes of Whig politics, including the threat that executive power poses to liberty, wariness of standing armies, the inevitability of increasing overreach should a precedent be set, and a belief in the existence of a conspiracy against liberty.
  • He denies being an anarchist despite his wariness of some legislation and the fact that he has "advocated strongly for user privacy and his own view of software freedom".
  • The respectable clergyman viewed the Nazis' rise to power with wariness and scepticism.
  • Both hard-headed realists, Aratus and Antigonus got along well despite their wariness. Plutarch reports that at one point, during a banquet, they even shared a blanket to keep warm.
  • In 1996, the five-song mini-album "Tremble Under Boom Lights" Not long after the album's release, tensions between Lupton and the other members and a general wariness of mainstream success led to the band's breakup.
  • The magical realism theme is cultivated in the exaggerated response of all the characters to mundane items: Gemmy surrenders to what he knows is a stick instead of a gun, because he attributes Lachlan's aiming it at him as a signal of the wariness of the other settlers.
  • With both countries facing economic and political turmoils since 2017, this has created some wariness in pundits from neighbouring countries over the instabilities could arise in both nations.
  • Nintendo investors showed wariness at the Switch, as its stock price dropped in the months from the system's announcement up until its release.
  • Despite this wariness, he still went on errands to Hob on Splinter's behalf.
  • Janovitz interprets "Tired Eyes" as reflecting Young's "disgust and wariness" at the dark side of the Woodstock dream, such as the drugs and violence that manifested themselves at the Altamont Free Concert in 1969.
  • Despite his wariness towards the new radical union, Howat was never readmitted to the UMWA, however, and his trade union career effectively came to an end.
  • Because of his wariness of working in a recording studio, he had been replaced at the last minute as the harmonica player on Jimmy Rogers's recording of "Walking by Myself" (1956).
  • Eric Doitch possessed skills and an understanding of art that was considered at odds with the contemporary fashion for abstraction, and his uncompromising attitude towards his work and his wariness of the gallery circuit means that he remains to some extent unrecognized for his astonishing artistic gifts and the intensity of his work.
  • Lundy ponies with 'left' whorls score highly on calmness, placidness, enthusiasm and friendliness, whereas those with 'right' whorls score highly on wariness, associated flightiness and unfriendliness.
  • In goldfish injected with morphine or saline and then exposed to unpleasant temperatures, fish injected with saline acted with defensive behaviours indicating anxiety, wariness and fear, whereas those given morphine did not.
  • Merquior argued that a distinction between analytic and continental philosophies can be first clearly identified with Henri Bergson (1859–1941), whose wariness of science and elevation of intuition paved the way for existentialism.
  • John Gould's early description of the bustard noted the difficulty of shooting of the bird due to their wariness around settled regions, but he was able to stalk and kill the bird more easily in areas remote from the colonies in New South Wales; Gould described the flesh as delicate and well-flavoured.
  • "Slant Magazine" [...] s Christopher Gray called the film "an offbeat epic informed by a reverence for the past and a delicate wariness toward the future".
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