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NOUN   a wasp | wasps
SYNO WASP | white Anglo-Saxon Protestant
оса {ж}
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Translation for 'wasp' from English to Russian

оса {ж}зоол.T
Usage Examples English
  • alcon" larvae are sought underground by the "Ichneumon eumerus" wasp.
  • "Chrysura austriaca", also known as the Austrian cuckoo wasp, is a species of parasitic wasp within the family Chrysididae.
  • "Chrysis fulgida", the ruby-tailed wasp, is a species of cuckoo wasp in the family Chrysididae.
  • "Gnamptopelta obsidianator", the bent-shielded besieger wasp, is a species of wasp in the family Ichneumonidae.
  • Parasitoids of the oak petiole gall wasp include the crypt-keeper wasp ("Euderus set").
  • "Chalybion zimmermanni", known generally as the Zimmermann's mud wasp or blue mud dauber wasp, is a species of thread-waisted wasp in the family Sphecidae.
  • "Euderus set", the crypt-keeper wasp, is a tiny chalcid wasp from the family Eulophidae from the United States, described in 2017 as a parasitoid of the gall wasp "Bassettia pallida", and the description of its life cycle attracted widespread publicity.
  • "Pison spinolae", commonly known as mason wasp, is a solitary wasp of the family Crabronidae, found throughout New Zealand.
  • "Symmorphus bifasciatus", the willow mason-wasp, is a species of potter wasp, from the subfamily Eumeninae of the social wasp family Vespidae which is widely distributed in the Palearctic region.
  • Insects unique to Finland include a leafroller moth "Exapate bicuspidella", a grass-miner moth "Elachista saarelai", a braconid wasp "Phaenocarpa ungulosetosa", an ichneumon wasp "Fennomacrus koponeni", and a chalcidoid wasp "Anaphes crassipennis".
  • "Crabro cribrarius", common name slender bodied digger wasp, is a species of wasp of the family Crabronidae.
  • The main host species of this parasitic wasp is a potter wasp, "Hemipterochilus bembeciformis".
  • "Cotesia rubecula" is a parasitoid wasp from the large wasp family Braconidae.
  • "Lysibia nana" is a hyperparasitoid wasp that attacks the parasitoid wasp "Cotesia glomerata".
  • "Homonotus sanguinolentus", the bloody spider-hunting wasp is a European species of Pompilid wasp.
  • "Cryptocheilus bicolor" (orange spider wasp) is a large, strikingly coloured spider wasp from Australia.
  • "Episyron quinquenotatus", the white-trimmed black wasp, is a North American species of pompilid spider hunting wasp.
  • "Tiphia femorata", often known as a beetle-killing wasp or common tiphiid wasp, is a species of wasp belonging to the family Tiphiidae, subfamily Tiphiinae.
  • " wasp (Braconidae), a species of "Benjaminia" wasp (Ichneumonidae), and a tachnid fly.
  • "Scolia dubia", also known as the two-spotted scoliid wasp or a blue-winged scoliid wasp, is a [...] long wasp that ranges from New England to Florida and west to the Rocky Mountains in North America.
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