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NOUN   a wasp | wasps
осы {мн}
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Translation for 'wasps' from English to Russian

осы {мн}зоол.T
Usage Examples English
  • Common Mormon caterpillars are heavily parasitised by chalcidoid wasps, with over a hundred tiny wasps eventually emerging from each Mormon pupa.
  • Research indicates the wasps use odor to identify and attack rival wasps from other colonies, and nest odor frequently changes.
  • The Sphecidae are a cosmopolitan family of wasps of the suborder Apocrita that includes sand wasps, mud daubers, and other thread-waisted wasps.
  • "Hylaeus nubilosus" prefers to nest in abandoned nests of mud-dauber wasps such as Sphecidae and potter wasps Eumeninae.
  • "Gnamptopelta obsidianator" are large, long wasps. The wasps are around 30–40 millimeters.
  • Ageniellini, known as the mud-nesting spider wasps, is a tribe of spider wasps in the subfamily Pepsinae.
  • These wasps prefer to lay their eggs in nests of bembicine wasps, e.g. sand wasps and horse guard wasps.
  • "Philonix" is a genus of oak gall wasps in the family Cynipidae.
  • These wasps parasitizes other Polistes wasps of multiple species, especially "Polistes atrimandibularis". and they are parasitized by Strepsiptera species.
  • "Pygodasis" is a New World genus of wasps in the family Scoliidae (scoliid wasps).
  • Brood parasitism by mutillid wasps ("Sphinctopsis" sp.) have been documented in "Augochloropsis iris" nests.
  • Karl-Johan Hedqvist (18 July 1917 – 27 December 2009) was a Swedish entomologist who focused on wasps (Hymenoptera), especially chalcid wasps and other parasitoid wasps.
  • Despite common fears, wasps are actually beneficial to humans because wasps prey on many pest insects, either for food or as a host for its parasitic larvae.
  • The wasps forage for sugary substances to feed to both larvae and adult wasps.
  • Cynipini wasps can act as ecosystem engineers. Their galls can become hosts of inquilines, and the wasps themselves are hosts to parasitoids.
  • "Anoplius" is a genus of spider wasps in the family Pompilidae, called the blue-black spider wasps.
  • The Bethylidae are a family of aculeate wasps in the superfamily Chrysidoidea. As a family, their biology ranges between parasitoid wasps and hunting wasps.
  • Wasps in the family Pompilidae are commonly called spider wasps, spider-hunting wasps, or pompilid wasps.
  • Wasps, especially fig wasps are also beneficial as pollinators.
  • evagoras" is frequently parasitized by species of wasps in different stages of development.
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