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SYNO abaxial | dorsal
mimoosový {adj}
abaxiálny {adj} [odb.]
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Translation for 'abaxial' from English to Slovak

mimoosový {adj}tech.

abaxiálny {adj} [odb.]bot.odb.
Usage Examples English
  • It is characterised by a short rhizome which gives rise to several green fronds that have a pinnated lamina with trichomes on the abaxial (lower) surface, but not the adaxial (upper) one.
  • "Tillandsia caput-medusae" does not have any free water retention in its overlapping leaves because its abaxial and adaxial leaf bases provides trichomes which coats the leaves.
  • The adaxial surface of the leaves is dark green and shiny, and the abaxial surface is hairy and glaucous green in colouration.
  • Leaf anatomy: The leaves of all species are built on a dorsiventral arrangement of cells, with the epidermis and palisade layer on the adaxial surface and the spongy tissue on the abaxial surface.
  • Pollen strobili consist of microsporophylls, each of which may have dozens or hundreds of abaxial microsporangia.
  • The xylem typically lies towards the axis (adaxial) with phloem positioned away from the axis (abaxial).
  • It is also used for anthocyanin study experiments, especially with reference to abaxial and adaxial anthocyanic concentration.
  • Valued for the deep red color of the abaxial surface of their leaves, they are easy to propagate from cuttings.
  • The "Orites"-type abaxial pseudohypodermis is defined as multiseriate, elongate sclerids forming a reticulum around the sub-stomatal cavities (Jordan et al. ...
  • Male flowers form in compressed, terminal globular cones, ranging from 1–5 mm in diameter, with 8 to 15 fertile scales, each scale has two pollen sacs on the abaxial surface.
  • The symptoms of this disease commonly occurs on foliage, and it develops on both sides of the leaf on the adaxial and abaxial surface.
  • The corolla lobes show glandular hairs at the abaxial surface.
  • Such an abaxial ray then emerges from the prism having been reflected a third time, thus introducing non image-forming stray light and reducing contrast.
  • The plant also has a glabrous peduncle and 6 to 7 sepals that are glabrous on the adaxial surface and hairy on the abaxial surface.
  • It is a common small tree with opposite leaves that are dark green on the adaxial (upper or dorsal) leaf surface and lighter on the abaxial (lower or ventral) surface and oblanceolate with a rounded or obtuse apex.
  • The mine has the form of an abaxial, oval, blotch-mine situated close to the base of the leaflet.
  • During an extended dry period leaves curl and expose their hairy abaxial (lower) surface, presumably to reduce water loss.
  • The xylem typically lies on the adaxial side of the vascular bundle and the phloem typically lies on the abaxial side.
  • Like other species in the "Appendiculatae" section of the "Aporosa" genus, this species has: glands that are basal and adaxial; disc-like glands scattered unevenly within arches of marginal veins throughout the abaxial surface of the leaf/lamina; stigma that are papillate; and theovary has pubescent septae and column.
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