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zadná strana {f}back side
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Translation for 'back side' from English to Slovak

back side
zadná strana {f}
Usage Examples English
  • When a "shinogi-zukuri" sword is viewed from the side, there is a ridge line of the thickest part of the blade called "shinogi" between the cutting edge side and the back side.
  • Spinning versions of the back, side, hook and axe kicks can also be performed along with jumping versions of all kicks.
  • Depending on the implementation, some computers may also have a back-side bus that connects the CPU to the cache.
  • The official Dio webstore had created and sold a baseball cap featuring a red embroidery of Murray on the front of the hat, and the DIO logo, in the same red embroidering, on the back side.
  • In the Mongolian language, the word "ar" refers to the back side of something, which has been extended to mean the northern side of any spatial entity, e.g.
  • If the back side of the stick is used, it is a penalty and the other team will get the ball back.
  • Most masters prefer a tow cable long enough to put the dinghy on the back side of the swell to prevent the dinghy from ramming the transom of the yacht.
  • On the back side the letters CH (standing for "Confoederatio Helvetica") are engraved next to a Swiss cross.
  • ... 0 miles), hikers can scramble up the back side of the arch, although this activity is considered extremely dangerous and can lead to injury or death.
  • Because the back-side reflection for an uncoated sphere is imperfect, it is fairly common to add a metallic coating to the back half of retroreflective spheres to increase the reflectance, but this implies that the retroreflection only works when the sphere is oriented in a particular direction.
  • 08% at the back side of the sword to 0.35–0.4% on the blade, from which the authors deduce that some form of carburization may have been used.
  • Cameras with a small sensor use a back-side-illuminated CMOS (BSI-CMOS) sensor.
  • It can have a hook or thorn on the back side of the axe blade for grappling mounted combatants.
  • Since ellipsometry relies on reflection, it is not required for the sample to be transparent to light or for its back side to be accessible.
  • An area of the west side of the downtown and an area near the former Rath Packing facility were impacted, not directly by water coming from the river, but as a result of storm runoff draining toward the river but then being trapped on the back side of the flood levy system.
  • The other (back) side was only worked into a second cutting edge in the front part near the tip.
  • It always has a hook or thorn on the back side of the axe blade for grappling mounted combatants.
  • Lunar libration causes part of the back side of the Moon to be visible to a terrestrial observer some of the time. Because of this, around 59% of the Moon's surface has been imaged from the ground.
  • Because flipping the disk also reverses the direction of rotation, the two methods are not interchangeable; disks which had their back side created in a 1541 by flipping them over would have to be flipped in the 1571 too, and the back side of disks written in a 1571 using the native support for two-sided operation could not be read in a 1541.
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