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NOUN   a basic element | basic elements
základný prvok {m}basic element
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Translation for 'basic element' from English to Slovak

basic element
základný prvok {m}
Usage Examples English
  • Suffering is the basic element that makes up the negative valence of affective phenomena.
  • The most basic element of a business rule is the language used to express it.
  • The perfect fifth is a basic element in the construction of major and minor triads, and their extensions.
  • The GOES system uses geosynchronous equatorial satellites that, since the launch of SMS-1 in 1974, have been a basic element of U.S. weather monitoring and forecasting.
  • It is the core subsidiary of GAZ Group Holding, which is itself part of Basic Element industrial group.
  • Abrams promoted an idea that electrons were the basic element of all life.
  • Basel Aero, a joint venture between Changi Airports International, Basic Element and Sberbank of Russia, is a company-operator the Sochi, Krasnodar and Anapa airports.
  • A Solipsis entity is a basic element of the virtual world.
  • Stravinsky’s creation of unique and idiosyncratic ensembles arising from the specific musical nature of individual works is a basic element of his style.
  • His teachings will be inherited as an increasingly important basic element in the new Japanese secondary education after 2022.
  • Essentially, the implants give off a tracking signal based on the frequency of the basic element hydrogen, which once discovered made it relatively easy for the government's UFO project to track the abductees as well.
  • Gall is noted for its early use of the neume, the basic element of Western and Eastern systems of musical notation prior to the invention of five-line staff notation.
  • The basic element of most solar symbols is the circular solar disk.
  • The basic element for time generation is a quartz crystal oscillator.
  • It corresponds to the call and response pattern in human communication and is found as a basic element of musical form, such as verse-chorus form, in many traditions.
  • The document is the basic element while starting with text mining. Here, we define a document as a unit of textual data, which normally exists in many types of collections.
  • The implementation of a realistic renderer always has some basic element of physical simulation or emulation [...] some computation which resembles or abstracts a real physical process.
  • “We must make art the basic element in our culture; the appreciation of beauty is a promise that we will arrive at the understanding of justice...” (pg. 35).
  • means "the most basic element of all". "I no ichiban" ([...] , "number one of "i") means "the very first".
  • A neume ([...]; sometimes spelled neum) is the basic element of Western and Eastern systems of musical notation prior to the invention of five-line staff notation.
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