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NOUN   a basic principle | basic principles
SYNO basic principle | basics | bedrock | ...
základná zásada {f}basic principle
základný princíp {m}basic principle
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Translation for 'basic principle' from English to Slovak

basic principle
základná zásada {f}

základný princíp {m}
Usage Examples English
  • The basic principle of the participles may be illustrated with the verb "fali" (to fall).
  • The basic principle behind it is that, as Farad'n of House Corrino says, "My mind affects my reality."
  • The basic principle of Andorran defence is that all able-bodied men are available to fight if called upon by the summoning of the Sometent (a civil defense organization of Andorra, made up of the heads of households).
  • Du Bois opposed this view as an unscientific aberration, but still maintained the basic principle of eugenics: that different persons have different inborn characteristics that make them more or less suited for specific kinds of employment, and that by encouraging the most talented members of all races to procreate would better the "stocks" of humanity.
  • The basic principle of the edition (contrary to previous collections) was the method of autopsy, according to which all copies (i.e., modern transcriptions) of inscriptions were to be checked and compared to the original.
  • The key basic principle on the mode of action of organic acids on bacteria is that non-dissociated (non-ionized) organic acids can penetrate the bacteria cell wall and disrupt the normal physiology of certain types of bacteria that we call "pH-sensitive", meaning that they cannot tolerate a wide internal and external pH gradient.
  • For republics, it violates a basic principle of republicanism regarding the centrality of civic virtue.
  • While the basic principle and architecture has been carried over from passenger car ABS, typical motorcycle characteristics have to be considered during the development and application processes.
  • Although the basic principle is sound, such a craft was unrealizable then and remains so to the present day, since external air pressure would cause the spheres to collapse unless their thickness was such as to make them too heavy to be buoyant.
  • The basic principle is the stimulation of nerves originating from the spinal cord, which can trigger reflex actions on viscera or inner organs.
  • The basic principle of the field-effect transistor was first patented by Julius Edgar Lilienfeld in 1925.
  • The basic principle of combinatorial chemistry is to prepare libraries of a very large number of compounds then identify the useful components of the libraries.
  • China has consistently claimed that a basic principle of international law is for states and their property to have absolute sovereign immunity.
  • Schopenhauer used Jones's authority to relate the basic principle of his philosophy to what was, according to Jones, the most important underlying proposition of Vedânta.
  • The basic principle of the relational model is the Information Principle: all information is represented by data values in relations.
  • The purpose of A Formula of Agreement is to elucidate the complementarity of affirmation and admonition as the basic principle of entering into full communion and the implications of that action as described in A Common Calling.
  • The theory that proton–proton reactions are the basic principle by which the Sun and other stars burn was advocated by Arthur Eddington in the 1920s.
  • The basic principle of Andorran defence is that all able-bodied men are available to fight if called upon by the sounding of the Sometent.
  • A basic principle of boxing and other combat sports is to defend against this vulnerability by keeping both hands raised about the face and the chin tucked in.
  • The basic principle of [...] is to attempt a large sequential Vector Load, but to allow the hardware to arbitrarily truncate the "actual" amount loaded to either the amount that would succeed without raising a memory fault or simply to an amount (greater than zero) that is most convenient.
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