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NOUN   a basis | bases
SYNO base | basis | cornerstone | ...
báza {f}basis
základ {m}basis
základňa {f}basis
východisko {n}basis
4 Words
denne {adv}on a daily basis
každodenne {adv}on a daily basis
každý deň {adv}on a daily basis
pravidelne {adv}on a regular basis
individuálne {adv}on an individual basis
ambulantne {adv}
on an outpatient basis
5+ Words
dlhodobo {adv}on a long-term basis
tykať si s n-ým [nedok.]be on first name basis with sb.
pracovať na delený (pracovný) úväzok
to work on a job share basis
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Usage Examples English
  • The starting point for determining when a depreciation recapture will occur is to determine the basis of the asset. There are three different types of basis: original, adjusted, and recomputed basis.
  • We now face three different basis sets commonly used to describe vectors in orthogonal coordinates: the covariant basis e"i", the contravariant basis e"i", and the normalized basis ê"i".
  • Stirling numbers give a change of basis between the standard basis and the basis of falling factorials.
  • The term "basis point" has its origins in trading the "basis" or the spread between two interest rates.
  • The higher-order basis functions can significantly reduce the number of unknowns compared with the traditional piece-wise basis functions, e.g., Rao-Wiltion-Glisson triangular patch basis functions (RWGs).
  • A basis with this property is called an "Auerbach basis".
  • Despite the name, an orthonormal basis is not, in general, a basis in the sense of linear algebra (Hamel basis).
  • A modified version of the Gram–Schmidt process shows that any finite-dimensional symplectic vector space has a basis such that "ω" takes this form, often called a "Darboux basis" or symplectic basis.
  • A basis gives such a form (via the dual basis), hence when working on [...] with a Euclidean metric and a fixed orthonormal basis, one has the option to work with only subscripts.
  • A dual basis () is not a concrete basis like the polynomial basis or the normal basis; rather it provides a way of using a second basis for computations.
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