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VERB   to bask | basked | basked
basking | basks
SYNO to bask | to enjoy | to relish | ...
vychutnať si n-čo [dok.] [úspech, ocenenie ap.]to bask in sth.
vychutnávať si n-čo [nedok.] [úspech, ocenenie ap.]to bask in sth.
hriať sa na slnku [nedok.]to bask in the sun
vyhrievať sa na slnku [nedok.]to bask in the sun
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Usage Examples English
  • The Packers overcame 8 sacks by the Raiders to force four Raider turnovers and bask in the glory of 10 Raiders penalties.
  • Like other members of the genus "Cyclura" the Lesser Caymans iguana requires suitable areas in which to bask, forage, nest and hide.
  • All canyon lizards are diurnal and insectivorous. Their primary choice of habitat is rocky, unvegetated canyon lands with numerous crevices to hide in, and ledges to bask on.
  • A local nickname for the runway is the "gator tanning facility", as some of the 4,000 alligators living at Kennedy Space Center regularly bask in the sunlight on the runway.
  • The eastern diamondback rattlesnake frequently shelters by tunneling in gopher and tortoise burrows, emerging in the early morning or afternoon to bask.
  • The preferred natural habitats of "P. smithii" are freshwater swamps and rivers. These creatures also prefer to bask in the sun, twice a day. They often prefer muddy areas.
  • Large groups of young, subadult and adult gharials form in December and January to bask. Adult males and females associate by mid February.
  • The Gibber dragon lives in the arid, sparsely vegetated gibber plains of northern South Australia. They bask on low protruding rocks and shelter in burrows dug into the soft soil between rocks.
  • It inhabits trees and other arboreal perches within forested habitats. Nocturnal, and also known to bask in direct sunlight.
  • The prairie skink lives in sandy habitat or open grasslands with loose soil, preferably with some rocks providing shelter and places to bask in the sun, and close to a water source.
  • American alligators primarily bask on shore, but also climb into and perch on tree limbs to bask if no shoreline is available.
  • Mole skinks are found in sandhills and scrub. They often like to be buried underground and especially like to bask in the upper layers of Southeastern pocket gopher mounds.
  • In the dawn hours they are observed to bask in the sun, exposing their abdomen to the sun rays and extending their hindleg on the side of the sun.
  • The species favours north facing refuges, and while largely nocturnal in venturing out from shelter they will bask in winter sun for short periods.
  • "D. mawii" is a nocturnal, completely aquatic turtle that does not bask or leave the water, except to lay eggs.
  • Australian fur seals bask in the sun on convenient ledges.
  • panoptes" prefer to bask each morning and return to bask as needed to maintain optimal body temperatures at [...].
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