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VERB1   - | had to | -
- | must
VERB2   to have | had | had
having | has / hath [archaic]
Už mám toho dosť!I've had enough!
byť nahratý [ľud.] [nedok.] [idióm] [byť v ťažkej situácii, bez nádeje] to have had it [coll.] [idiom] [be in trouble, unikely to succeed]
byť v háji [nedok.] [ľud.] [v beznádejnej situácii] [idióm]to have had it [coll.] [idiom] [be in trouble]
byť v kýbli [nedok.] [ľud.] [v beznádejnej situácii] [idióm]to have had it [coll.] [idiom] [be in trouble]
mať (už) toho plné zuby [nedok.] [idióm]to have had it [idiom] [have endured all one can]
mať (už) toho (akurát) dosť [nedok.] [idióm]to have had it [idiom] [have endured all one can]
4 Words
Ranila ho mŕtvica.
He had a stroke.
Zaslúžil si to! [zaslúžený trest za konanie]He had it coming! [idiom]
Koledoval si o to. [zaslúžený trest za konanie]He had it coming. [idiom]
mať už dosť n-ho/ n-čoho [nedok.]to have had enough of sb./sth.
mať po krk n-ho/ n-čo [nedok.] [byť omrzený, nemôcť strpieť] [idióm]to have had enough of sb./sth.
mať n-ho/ n-čoho plné zuby [nedok.] [byť omrzený, nemôcť strpieť] [idióm]to have had enough of sb./sth.
5+ Words
akoby sa nechumelilo [ľud.] [idióm]as if nothing had happened
Už ťa mám dosť!I've had it with you!
tváriť sa, akoby sa nechumelilo [idióm]to act as if nothing had happened
mať vypité [nedok.]to have had a drop too much [idiom]
mať v hlave [nedok.] [byť opitý]to have had a drop too much [idiom]
mať už dosť n-ho/ n-čoho [nedok.] [idióm]to have had one's fill of sb./sth. [idiom]
užiť si (až-až) n-ho/ n-čoho [nedok.] [idióm]to have had one's fill of sb./sth. [idiom]
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Usage Examples English
  • Patrick Treacy, a cosmetic surgeon who had treated Jackson while he had been living in Ireland in 2006, stated that he had never seen any drugs in the house and had never been asked for narcotics.
  • Chelsea had played no games, nor had any players when they were elected. Hull City had been formed in 1904, but had only played friendly matches during the 1904–05 season.
  • During French colonial rule, Pondichéry settlement had a total of 102 Sièges.
  • From Seasons 1 to 7, "Your Song" had weekly episodes featuring songs as title and theme.
  • His daughter Dr Julie Guyot-Diangone announced on November 24, 2012, that her father had died at home, in Mount Rainier, Maryland. She said he had had heart problems and had suffered from diabetes.
  • See also 'had'-based sentence: James while John had had had had had had had had had had had a better effect on the teacher .
  • In 2005, 55% of households had televisions and 43% had mobile phones. 11% had refrigerators and 5% had cars.
  • Entering the event, East Carolina had won the most championships, with five. Old Dominion had won three, George Mason had won two, while Richmond had won once.
  • "LL" reported that "Aurora", Sadler, master, had had to put into Aberdeen on 20 April 1815 leaky.
  • This follow-up study after the Centre closed reported on the views of 26 families that had attended Oo-za-we-kwun programs.
  • Before the election Labour had a majority of 23 councillors, Conservatives had 8 councillors, while Independent (politician) had 2 councillors and UKIP had 2 councillors.
  • Lowe had a history of crimes involving children. Before Beasley's murder, he had had multiple offences for indecent exposure, which had been aimed at young girls.
  • After these elections, Democrats had 45 seats, independents had 2, and Republicans had 53.
  • As per 2011 census, in Rajnagar CD Block, 1 village had a primary health centre, 8 villages had primary health subcentres, 3 villages had veterinary hospitals, 5 villages had medicine shops and out of the 88 inhabited villages 75 villages had no medical facilities.
  • In previous eras, Central had grades PreK-1, Reed Elementary School had grades 2-6, Dumas Jr. High had 7-8, and Dumas High had 9-12.
  • An "Enquirer" reporter had attempted to verify the story but had discovered nothing other than that Burnett had shared her souffle and had conversed with Kissinger. Still, the story was published.
  • 5% of the population had 0 years of education, 17.1% had up to 8 years, 55% had 9 to 12 years, 11.8% had 13–15 years, and 9.7% had 16 or more years of education.
  • The McClatchy reporters had confirmed that Afghan intelligence officials who had confirmed when their records indicated when other former captives had ties to the Taliban—or when they had been falsely denounced—had no records of Noor Habib.
  • By 2020, Alberta had 900 wind turbines. Only two provinces had more; British Columbia had 2,663 turbines, which represented approximately 40% of Canada's total, and Quebec had 1,991.
  • St. Bride's had a population of 386 in 2006 [...]. Point Lance had 119 [...], and Branch had 309 [...].
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