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NOUN   nimbleness | -
SYNO agility | legerity | lightness | ...
vrtkosť {f}nimbleness
čulosť {f}nimbleness
hybkosť {f}nimbleness
bystrosť {f}nimbleness
svižnosť {f}nimbleness
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Usage Examples English
  • The contract also specified that "the greatest manoeuvrability and nimbleness in flight must be achieved by the aircraft", expressing a possible concern of the German governmental agency concerning the use of the heavy electrical steel sheet that made up the earlier J 1's structure.
  • and named "Pikachurin", in reference to the nimbleness of Pikachu.
  • He shows "a nimbleness that anyone who knew the boy would not associate with him" and successfully winded Turnball with a move he learned (but Artemis did not) from Butler.
  • Initially, Ayrton Senna was impressed by the car's handling and nimbleness, but he knew the customer Ford-Cosworth V8 to be underpowered compared to the Renault V10-powered Williams and he demanded a race-by-race contract at $1 million per Grand Prix, though others suggested that this was a marketing ploy between Senna and Ron Dennis to keep sponsors on edge and interested.
  • Modern activities like agility that stress intelligence, passion, speed and nimbleness may be appropriate substitutes for traditional work.
  • The most notable aspect of his performance style was the nimbleness of his bel canto technique.
  • A fitting comparison because aside from swiftness coupled with quietness in the pursuit of goals, the stags is gifted with speed and nimbleness to evade dangers.
  • Bigelow was noted for what Michael McAvennie described as "uncanny nimbleness" given his height and weight.
  • One is that the poem is a representation of life from the nimbleness of youth to the pain of age.
  • When the vehicle rolls the roll centers migrate. The roll center height has been shown to affect behavior at the initiation of turns such as nimbleness and initial roll control.
  • While possessing on-road nimbleness, its body-on-frame truck construction, suspension and 4WD gearing make it very capable off-road.
  • The trapped Japanese fleet was eviscerated by the Turtle Ship's weaponry, and found themselves unable to effectively counterattack due to the Turtle Ship's unprecedented nimbleness and maneuverability on the sea.
  • The course for the 2004 competition is designed with the first half of the course being steep, requiring nimbleness and technique as much as speed, while the second half allows the contestants to run faster.
  • In his review for "The Washington Post", author Glen David Gold criticized the novel's narrative for not having the "nimbleness" of other similar folk tales which also experimented with structure, but concluded his review with praise for the protagonist and the world conjured by deWitt.
  • Simeon Luce described her as "a dwarf no higher than a boot" and "gymnast of incomparable beauty, nimbleness, and athletic vigor" as related in Andrew Lang's biography of Joan of Arc.
  • A review in "Harrison's Reports" found that the film contains "offenses to logic", including the nimbleness of the hero and heroine as they climb a rope ladder despite having survived days of hunger and thirst and the way the hero easily overcomes "a giant", lifts him, and throws him overboard.
  • Callan, who played his entire career as an amateur, played in the ruck, and was noted for his "nimbleness of foot", "extreme courage", and "excellent palming of the ball".
  • He also mentions tactics ("leaving some of their best players to guard the goal"); scoring ("they that can strike the ball through their opponents' goal first win") and the way teams were selected ("the players being equally divided according to their strength and nimbleness").
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