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NOUN   a nitrogen cycle | nitrogen cycles
kolobeh {m} dusíka
nitrogen cycle
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Translation for 'nitrogen cycle' from English to Slovak

nitrogen cycle
kolobeh {m} dusíkaekol.
Usage Examples English
  • Fens play an important role in the global nitrogen cycle due to the anaerobic conditions found in their soils, which facilitate the oxidation or reduction of one form of nitrogen to another.
  • Nitrogen-15 tracing is a technique used to study the nitrogen cycle.
  • The effects of bioturbation on the nitrogen cycle are well-documented.
  • The natural nitrogen cycle is heavily overloaded by industrial nitrogen fixation and use, thereby disrupting most known types of ecosystems.
  • These are often employed to augment the biological filtration by aiding in the reduction of nitrate, a waste product in an incomplete nitrogen cycle.
  • The nitrogen cycle make extensive use of metals for the redox interconversions.
  • Before 2002, anammox was assumed to be a minor player in the nitrogen cycle within natural ecosystems.
  • The nitrogen cycle, the phosphorus cycle, the sulphur cycle and the carbon cycle all depend on microorganisms in one way or another.
  • It has functions in accepting electrons in other non-photosynthetic pathways as well: it is needed in the reduction of nitrate into ammonia for plant assimilation in nitrogen cycle and in the production of oils.
  • Members of the genus "Nitrosomonas" oxidize ammonium ions into nitrite, - a process called nitrification - and are important in the nitrogen cycle.
  • Diazotroph plays an important roles in nitrogen cycle of the earth.
  • These organisms play a crucial role in benthic ecosystems, forming essential food chains and participating in the nitrogen cycle.
  • Examples of process theories include evolution by natural selection, continental drift and the nitrogen cycle.
  • They are an intermediate step in the oxidation of ammonia to nitrite, which occurs in the nitrogen cycle.
  • The nitrogen cycle in soils depends on the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen.
  • This replenishes the nitrogen cycle.
  • They also greatly increase the amount of nitrogen entering the global nitrogen cycle which has a serious negative impact on the organization and functioning of the world's ecosystems, including accelerating the loss of biological diversity and decline of coastal marine ecosystems and fisheries.
  • play a role in nutrient exchange in the nitrogen cycle by accessing nitrogen unavailable to host plants and acting as nitrogen sinks in forests.
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