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VERB   to accept | accepted | accepted
accepting | accepts
SYNO to accept | to admit | to assume | ...
unverified пристати [св.]to accept
прихватити [св.]to accept
акцептирати [св./несв.]to accept
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Usage Examples English
  • They accept parts of the Bible as divinely inspired, using reason as their criterion for what to accept or reject.
  • In Kantō region, AEON Group stores already accept Suica, , and PASMO as well. For other regions, they plan to accept other cards such as ICOCA or TOICA.
  • Frank can't accept Kaat and breaks contact. Toon is intrigued by Kaat until he learns she was a man.
  • Its lines accept ICa, a smart card ticketing system. However, the railway lines only accept the commuter passes, not the prepaid cards.
  • Gods accept the prayers of lesser beings, so should Elizabeth accept this praise.
  • According to Roland, the following products accept SRX expansion boards. The number in parenthesis indicates the number of SRX boards each unit can accept.
  • It also engage the community to accept and engage in community action to accept and support ex-offenders and their families.
  • According to the study "Church and State in the Republic of Moldova" presented by the Soros Foundation - Moldova in 2016, 84% of Moldovans would not accept homosexuals living in Moldova, 89% would not accept that they live in the same locality, 94% would not accept to have them as neighbors, 95% would not accept being friends and 97% would not want gay family members.
  • The trains and buses accept payment through any IC card, however, some JR lines, such as the Nichinan Line, only accept cash.
  • Although both nations agreed to accept its decision, Ethiopia has refused to accept the commission's findings in full, much to the consternation of the Eritrean government.
  • All tollways that accept E-ZPass also accept I-Pass.
  • Some photographic competitions do not accept converted files, and some do not accept DNG.
  • An online booking tool allows small businesses to accept appointments on their website, but does not accept restaurant reservations.
  • Examples of individuals who would receive Form 1099-K include freelancers compensated via PayPal, Etsy sellers, Uber drivers who accept credit cards as payment, small businesses who accept card transactions as payment, and in general professionals who accept online or credit card payments for services.
  • Virtually all four-year colleges and universities in the United States accept the ACT, but institutions place different emphases on standardized tests, relative to other factors including class rank, GPA, and extracurricular activities.
  • • Stronger attitudes have more influence on any decision to accept or not accept a message.
  • In August 2013, Open Net and Aladdin Communications started a non-Active X payment system, however, card companies refused to accept. Open Net submitted a preliminary injunction to accept it.
  • In versions of Windows prior to Windows XP, only the APIs that accept "long" device paths could accept more than 260 characters.
  • Mūrtipūjaks ("idol-worshippers") accept 45 texts, while the Sthānakavāsins and Terāpanthins only accept 32.
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