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NOUN   a nest | nests
VERB   to nest | nested | nested
nesting | nests
SYNO to cuddle | to draw close | to nest | ...
гнездо {ср}nest
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Translation for 'nest' from English to Serbian

гнездо {ср}
Usage Examples English
  • A common species nest that the cuckoo will choose to place its eggs in is the reed warbler.
  • The nest, a small cup of grass stems neatly bound together in spider silk, takes around 10 days to construct.
  • Common names Peters' foam-nest treefrog, Peters' foam-nest frog, and central foam-nest tree frog have been proposed for it.
  • One study finds that a woodrat's maternal nest is an integral part of its nesting habits.
  • Eagle's Nest, The Eagle's Nest, Eagle Nest, Eagles Nest or Eaglenest may refer to a bird nest for eagles.
  • Unlike most other members of genus "Megascops", which nest in cavities, it has been reported to nest on the ground or in an old cup nest of another species.
  • Information on Bachman's sparrow nest predators can be found in the Predators section of this summary.
  • rubicundus" occurs on the ground or vegetation in and around the nest aggregation.
  • A birdhouse or nest box is an artificial nest for birds.
  • To initiate reproduction, males dig a deep circular depression in the substrate with their caudal fins to create a nest, which they will aggressively defend from intruding males.
  • More recently, nest insulation has been found to be related to the mass of the incubating parent.
  • Nest building: Bare to sparsely overgrown areas in sparse forests Forest fringes or clearings, preferably in sandy soil, but also nests in humus soils, mostly in smaller aggregations with low nest density.
  • When temperatures are high, workers fan the nest by rapidly vibrating their wings.
  • A swarming colony can have as many as 10,000 bees, but less than 10% relocate to the new nest.
  • Adults also inspect the nest, clean by ejecting excess material, and silk which is reinforcement of the nest structure through adding silk to the petiole.
  • She makes a nest on or slightly below the surface of the ground among open vegetation.
  • Weaver birds go through complicated nest building behaviour when there is no nest building material present.
  • The nest is situated in a pine or spruce tree [...] above ground within dense foliage for optimal concealment from nest predators.
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