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NOUN1   want [lack or deficiency; poverty] | -
NOUN2   a want [desire] | wants
VERB   to want | wanted | wanted
wanting | wants
SYNO deficiency | deprivation | lack | ...
хтетиto want (to)
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Translation for 'want' from English to Serbian

to want (to)
Usage Examples English
  • An agent-relative reason is a reason that applies only to particular individuals: for example, not everybody has a reason to want me to study every day, however, "I" have a reason to want to study every day, because I want to pass my exams.
  • Efrat assists women who want to continue their pregnancies but want to ensure that women are not forced into abortions out of economic or emotional pressures.
  • First, patients want their providers to provide reassurance.
  • Shifts may be optimized for different goals. Some drivers want slow, smooth shifts for comfort, while others want quick shifts for performance or towing.
  • An ancient Time Lord enemy, 'vampires', have been spotted on earth. Some of these creatures want to co-exist with humanity, but others want to cause destruction.
  • “We want to do it in stages. We do not want haste, but we also do not want countries that do not meet the convergence criteria to shake up the process", he concluded.
  • Some want complete independence from both India and Pakistan, others want unification with Pakistan and still others just want greater autonomy from the Indian government.
  • Finally realizing that people are more likely to get what they don't want, he organizes a demonstration against the housing office shouting the slogan: "We don't want the development: we want the "ma'abara"!
  • A particle "git" (infinitive? subjunctive?) marks the verb in constructions with "want": "moopa git inɗeet" ("sit "git" want") "I want to sit".
  • TechRadar reviewer John McCann recommended the phone to those who want a flagship-like experience but at affordable prices, affordable 5G phone, and want flexibility when taking images.
  • You want or don't want?
  • Meitar Amos, Olga Lopatin, Ines Halif, Netta Karisi and Evelin Piotrowska also want to return to the program... who do you want to return ?
  • Those who want to control their mind and want internal peace should also control their sexual feelings.
  • The song is a response to labels and women who now want to approach him due to his success as a rapper.
  • Customers will have their own suite, eat alone and may ask whatever they want to whomever they want. Of course, among them there will be an employee-client relationship.
  • Farmers with low-lying fields want less flooding while farmers higher up want more.
  • "I'm using art as an excuse to live a very interesting life - it allows you to be whoever you want to be, do whatever you want to do, go where ever you want to go. It's like a free ticket" [...].
  • A vigil was held for Ellis in Tacoma on June 3. Just before the vigil, Ellis' brother said: "We just want answers. We want justice. We want [...] truth to come to light".
  • This has a maximum when [...]. But, since we want a symmetric BNE, we also want to have [...]. These two equalities together imply that [...].
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