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ADJ   weak | weaker | weakest
SYNO debile | decrepit | faint | ...
слаб {adj}weak
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Translation for 'weak' from English to Serbian

слаб {adj}
Usage Examples English
  • The weak neuters are so few, that a list suffices, to be found on the page for weak nouns.
  • For more on the weak orders, see the article weak order of permutations.
  • by starting with an empty set of weak classifiers.
  • The term "weak verb" was originally coined by Jacob Grimm, who only applied it to Germanic philology.
  • The pH of a buffer solution depends solely on the "ratio" of the molar concentrations of the weak acid to the weak base.
  • It has weak androgenic activity, weak antimineralocorticoid activity, and weak glucocorticoid activity.
  • In general, if a bid is weak (or potentially weak having multiple options) and does not promise four cards in a defined suit (when weak), then it is likely to qualify as a brown sticker convention.
  • -algebra, the weak convergence of measures can be defined.
  • Examples are found in Polish, where the masculine third-person singular accusative and dative forms are "jego" and "jemu" (strong) and "go" and "mu" (weak).
  • Unlike for the left-handed neutrino, a Majorana mass term can be added for a sterile neutrino without violating local symmetries (weak isospin and weak hypercharge) since it has no weak charge.
  • Such a method is used to design weak and weak* topologies.
  • Starting in the early 1900s, David Hilbert and Marcel Riesz made extensive use of weak convergence.
  • (a weak iso-doublet) that condenses to break the electro-weak symmetry.
  • Hydrolyzable tannins are hydrolyzed by weak acids or weak bases to produce carbohydrate and phenolic acids.
  • Another criterion, "Weak Local BPJR", is weaker than weak BPJR but stronger than weak BJR; it can be found by a polynomial-time algorithm based on Phragmen's sequential rule.
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