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NOUN   a weakness | weaknesses
SYNO failing | helplessness | impuissance | ...
слабост {ж}weakness
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Translation for 'weakness' from English to Serbian

слабост {ж}
Usage Examples English
  • Once weakness is detected, the evaluation of muscle strength should be repeated several times.
  • The FAST (stroke) campaign informs the public on how to use a test to recognize stroke symptoms quickly. FAST is an acronym for Facial weakness, Arm weakness, Speech problems and Time to call 999.
  • Giveway weakness (also "give-away weakness", "collapsing weakness", etc.) refers to a symptom where a patient's arm, leg, can initially provide resistance against an examiner's touch, but then suddenly "gives way" and provides no further muscular resistance.
  • Adults could present with nonspecific symptoms of low blood potassium, which can include weakness, fatigue, palpitations or muscular weakness (shortness of breath, constipation/abdominal distention or exercise intolerance).
  • A common phenotype is both generalized and local weakness.
  • Muscle weakness is a lack of muscle strength. Its causes are many and can be divided into conditions that have either true or perceived muscle weakness.
  • After the upper body, weakness can next appear in either the pelvis, or it "skips" the pelvis and involves the tibialis anterior (shin muscle), causing foot drop.
  • According to some authors, the strategy of deception from "The Art of War" was studied and widely used by the KGB: "I will force the enemy to take our strength for weakness, and our weakness for strength, and thus will turn his strength into weakness".
  • Johnson described "Slow Train to Dawn" as "about the psychological relationship between two people and the weakness of the male in that relationship, and infidelity, which is borne from insecurity and weakness".
  • Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD) can present similarly, although facial weakness and asymetrical weakness is common in FSHD.
  • CodeSonar provides information for every weakness found, including the trace through the source code that would trigger the bug as well as a call-tree visualization that represents how the weakness is related to the wider application.
  • In computing, a structural vulnerability is an IT system weakness that consists of several so-called component vulnerabilities.
  • Union weakness in the Southern United States undermined unionization and social reform throughout the nation, and such weakness is largely responsible for the anaemic US welfare state.
  • This may lead to weakness in extending the knee (with reduced patellar reflex) and weakness in flexing the hip.
  • An AFO with functional elements to compensate for a weakness of the "plantar flexors" can also be used for slight weakness of the knee-securing muscle groups, the "knee extensors" and the "hip extensors".
  • The type presents with progressive hand weakness and hypermobility. Hip girdle weakness may be present and exercise induced myalgia is common.
  • Due to weakness of the muscles of facial expression and muscles of mastication, facial weakness may manifest as the inability to hold the mouth closed (the "hanging jaw sign") and as a snarling expression when attempting to smile.
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