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var {adv}where [interrogative]
varifrån {adv}where ... from
Var finns det ... ?Where is ... ?
Varifrån kommer du?Where are you from?
Varifrån kommer ni? [artig]Where are you from?
Var är du född?Where were you born?
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Usage Examples English
  • "Alpha" emerged in content analysis where textual units are categorized by trained coders and is used in counseling and survey research where experts code open-ended interview data into analyzable terms, in psychometrics where individual attributes are tested by multiple methods, in observational studies where unstructured happenings are recorded for subsequent analysis, and in computational linguistics where texts are annotated for various syntactic and semantic qualities.
  • Agricultural land banking is found where large tracts of fertile virgin land still exist, where valuations are low and where legislation allows large land holdings (free hold) by domestic and foreign investors.
  • Personal exertion income is derived where the services are performed and for a profit making activity income is where the contract is performed.
  • Filming locations in London, where either Ian or Samantha appears include (in chronological order): Kensington Park Road where the house of Ian and Samantha is located, CityPoint where Ian works, Piccadilly where Ian is seen running towards the Méridien hotel, Westminster tube station exit, the London Eye.
  • There are many modifications of the SIR model, including those that include births and deaths, where upon recovery there is no immunity (SIS model), where immunity lasts only for a short period of time (SIRS), where there is a latent period of the disease where the person is not infectious (SEIS and SEIR), and where infants can be born with immunity (MSIR).
  • Re-moralisation (wellbeing, where mood lifts). Remediation (where problems get better) and rehabilitation (where functioning, the causes of problems are improved).
  • An interview podcast where Andy Richter asks guests three questions: where they come from, where they are going, and what they have learned.
  • After the battle, the ship sailed to Syra, where antique coffins where loaded for Berlin Museums. On 20 November 1856, she returned to Danzig, where she would be decommissioned.
  • The filming started in Germany, where Mistrati asked vendors where their chocolate comes from.
  • He played with FK Leotar where started playing as a senior. In 2005, he moved to Serbia where signed with SuperLiga club FK Hajduk Kula where he played until 2011.
  • The GBF is a community where leadership is put into action, where best practices are shared, and where globalism is embraced by all its members.
  • However, they have advantages in specific applications, especially where no sprockets are needed, where strength is a greater concern than efficiency (high loads), and where the chain has special fixtures for holding or engaging a load.
  • This palace is where the Emperor lives, not to be confused with the [...] , where various imperial court functions and receptions take place, and where most dinners with foreign heads of state happen.
  • Regions where [...] is maximal or minimal occur at points where there is a probability of finding the particle there, and where the action (phase) change is zero.
  • Domestically, Ragazzi Boys Chorus has toured Minnesota, where they attended AMERICAFEST (2003); Oregon, where they attended PICCFEST (2005) as a featured choir; Montana, where they attended the International Choral Festival (2006) and Arizona (2009).
  • For system where [...] (not too close to the critically damped regime, where [...]).
  • Thus [...] , where [...] , where "t" is the Bott generator.
  • Examples include sulfamyl fluoride, where R, R' is H; difluorosulfamyl fluoride, where R and R' is F; dimethylsulfamoyl fluoride where R and R' is a methyl CH3 group; N-sulfinylsulfamoyl fluoride where R, R1 are replaced by a double bond to S=O; chloro(trifluoro-methyl)sulfamoyl fluoride where R=Cl and R' is trifluoromethyl CF3.
  • Philip Edgcumbe Hughes (1915–1990) was an Anglican clergyman and New Testament scholar whose life spanned four continents: Australia, where he was born; South Africa, where he spent his formative years; England, where he was ordained; and the United States, where he died in 1990, aged 75.
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