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NOUN   a talk | talks
VERB   to talk | talked | talked
talking | talks
SYNO lecture | public lecture | talk | ...
talato talk
tal {hv}talk
umtal {hv}talk
viðtal {hv} [samtal]talk
erindi {hv} [fyrirlestur]talk
2 Words: Verbs
vera óðamálato talk fast
bullato talk nonsense
þruglato talk nonsense
þvælato talk nonsense
þvaðra [rugla]to talk nonsense
þvogla [þvaðra]to talk nonsense
koma máli við e-nto talk to sb.
tala við e-nto talk with sb.
2 Words: Nouns
þvaður {hv} [mas]idle talk
karlagrobb {hv}macho talk
útvarpserindi {hv}
radio talk [monolog]
vella {kv} [væmið tal]sentimental talk
fimbulfamb {hv}silly talk
mas {hv}small talk
kurteisishjal {hv}small talk
fagurgali {k}sweet talk [Am.] [coll.]
umræðuþáttur {k}talk show
spjallþáttur {k} [í sjónvarpi]
talk show
viðtalsmeðferð {kv}
talk therapy
3 Words: Others
Þú getur trútt um talað.You can talk.
3 Words: Verbs
hafa hátt um e-ðto talk freely about sth.
unverified fara með fleipurto talk hot air
3 Words: Nouns
[neikvætt tal um konur í búnings­klefum karla] {noun}locker room talk
umræðuþáttur {k} í útvarpi
radio talk show
4 Words: Others
viðræðugóður {adj}good to talk to
Þetta er (bara) í nösunum á honum.It's all (just) talk.
4 Words: Verbs
ná tali af e-mto get to talk to sb.
virða e-n ekki viðlitsto refuse to talk to sb.
vaða á veður á e-m]to talk a blue streak [sb. talks a blue streak]
talast viðto talk with one another
5+ Words: Others
Hvfór þeim á milli?What did they talk about?
Þér ferst þetta ekki!Who are you to talk!
5+ Words: Verbs
vera ekki viðmælandito be impossible to talk to
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Translation for 'talk' from English to Icelandic

to talk
að tala

tal {hv}

umtal {hv}

viðtal {hv} [samtal]

erindi {hv} [fyrirlestur]

to talk fast
að vera óðamála
to talk nonsense
að bulla

að þrugla

að þvæla

að þvaðra [rugla]

að þvogla [þvaðra]
to talk to sb.
að koma að máli við e-n
to talk with sb.
að tala við e-n

idle talk
þvaður {hv} [mas]
macho talk
karlagrobb {hv}
radio talk [monolog]
útvarpserindi {hv}ljósvak
sentimental talk
vella {kv} [væmið tal]
silly talk
fimbulfamb {hv}
small talk
mas {hv}

kurteisishjal {hv}
sweet talk [Am.] [coll.]
fagurgali {k}
talk show
umræðuþáttur {k}

spjallþáttur {k} [í sjónvarpi]ljósvak
talk therapy
viðtalsmeðferð {kv}sálfræði

You can talk.
Þú getur trútt um talað.

to talk freely about sth.
að hafa hátt um e-ð
to talk hot air
unverified að fara með fleipur

locker room talk
[neikvætt tal um konur í búnings­klefum karla] {noun}
radio talk show
umræðuþáttur {k} í útvarpiljósvak

good to talk to
viðræðugóður {adj}
It's all (just) talk.
Þetta er (bara) í nösunum á honum.

to get to talk to sb.
að ná tali af e-m
to refuse to talk to sb.
að virða e-n ekki viðlits
to talk a blue streak [sb. talks a blue streak]
að vaða á [það veður á e-m]
to talk with one another
að talast við

What did they talk about?
Hvað fór þeim á milli?
Who are you to talk!
Þér ferst þetta ekki!

to be impossible to talk to
að vera ekki viðmælandi
Usage Examples English
  • On January 19, to take part in the growing market for FM sports talk, Cherry Creek put a simulcast of K-GRIZ sports talk 1450 giving Missoula its first FM Sports talk station.
  • Ria Tanjuatco-Trillo hosts a shopping magazine talk show "Shop Talk" on ANC.
  • On May 26, 2020, WHBO changed its format from sports to conservative talk, branded as "Talk 1040". It added talk shows from the Westwood One and Fox News Talk networks.
  • WISE gradually began adding talk shows in the early-2000s, eventually switching to talk radio full-time, and finally sports talk.
  • The call sign switched to KKTL and flipped to news/talk as "Houston's Talk FM, 97 Talk," in September 1997. The following year, Jacor bought KKTL for $14.7 million.
  • In 2008, Gordon debuted his daily Internet talk show "Left Talk" on BlogTalkRadio.
  • "Tongue in Cheek" talk show was co-hosted by Anele in 2014, two years later she hosted daytime talk show "Real Talk with Anele".
  • Sadie returned in her talk “The fulfillment” in June.
  • Variations of talk radio include conservative talk, hot talk, liberal talk (increasingly known as progressive talk), and sports talk.
  • Between 2009 and June 2015, the station has aired a talk radio format branded as "The Talk of the Town".
  • Malakhov has hosted the talk show "Let Them Talk" from July 2001 to 2017.
  • "Smalls' Talk"– A talk radio psychologist decides to take only callers with insignificant problems.
  • During the late 1990s, political talk radio (other than Limbaugh) was still only a portion of the talk radio environment; other subgenres such as lifestyle talk (Laura Schlessinger), truck talk (Bill Mack, Dale Sommers) or paranormal talk (Art Bell's "Coast to Coast AM") and general interest political interviews and talk (Jim Bohannon, Joey Reynolds) generally made up AM talk stations’ lineups.
  • American Family Radio is split among two networks – AFR Talk, which airs mostly conservative-leaning Christian talk and teaching; and AFR Hybrid, airing Christian talk and contemporary Christian music.
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