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Тайланд {м}
Thailand <.th>
торий {м} <Th>
thorium <Th>
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Translation for 'Th' from English to Russian

Thailand <.th>
Тайланд {м}геогр.
thorium <Th>
торий {м} <Th>хим.
Usage Examples English
  • For in th-Y cross my S-aving hea-L-th I see.
  • In the early 80s HT-18's TH-1Ls were being replaced with an instrumented version of the TH-57 designated the TH-57C Sea Ranger for advanced training.
  • Vidyajyoti confers the Degrees of Bachelor of Theology (Th.B.), Master of Theology (Th.M.), and Doctor of Theology (Th.D.).
  • In statistics, the "k"th order statistic of a statistical sample is equal to its "k"th-smallest value.
  • The Henschel Wehrtechnik TH-200, TH-400, and TH-800 are a family of wheeled armoured fighting vehicles by Thyssen-Henschel. Their development was loosely related to the Spähpanzer Luchs.
  • A derivative of TH-B010 designated as TH-B010E is used by the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) both as a disposable anti-submarine training drone, and an underwater decoy launched by submarines for distract incoming torpedoes.
  • Geometrically, the "n"th star number is made up of a central point and 12 copies of the ("n"−1)th triangular number — making it numerically equal to the "n"th centered dodecagonal number, but differently arranged.
  • Malyshev Volodymyr Stepanovych — colonel-general of militia of Ukraine, People's deputy of Ukraine of the V-th, VI-th, VII-th convocations (2006-2014), Doctor of Law (2013), Honored Lawyer of Ukraine (1997).
  • The records from Smičiklas book "Codex diplomaticus regni Croatiae Dalmatiae et Slavoniae" on page 398-th to 399-th, in the text of 10 December 1398.
  • Zion Bible college has been offering G.Th and B.Th courses over the years.
  • A related functional that shares the translation-invariance and homogeneity properties with the "n"th central moment, but continues to have this additivity property even when "n" ≥ 4 is the "n"th cumulant κ"n"("X").
  • Well known as the symbol of KSHS, the red buildings (紅樓) built with red bricks is listed as "Important Historical Architecture" by Kaohsiung City Government.
  • For [...] the basis is the same with the [...] -th column removed. For [...] the [...] -th and [...] -th columns are removed.
  • For instance, the [...] th complex root of a number should yield [...] distinct complex numbers, but if another [...] th root is then taken of those results, the final [...] values should be identical to the output of the [...] th root.
  • 2. For each item [...] in the stream, add [...] to the [...] th bucket of the [...] th hash.
  • The design matrix is defined to be a matrix [...] such that [...] (the "j"th column of the "i"th row of [...]) represents the value of the "j"th variable associated with the "i"th object.
  • Wrapped [...] -th power of a big number gives instantly the [...] -th component of a Pascal's simplex.
  • Layers are conventionally numbered from the lowest, "i.e.", the physical layer, to the highest, so that the [...] -th layer is above the "n"-th layer and the [...] -th layer is below.
  • Strongly chordal graphs may also be characterized as the graphs having a strong perfect elimination ordering, an ordering of the vertices such that the neighbors of any vertex that come later in the ordering form a clique and such that, for each "i" < "j" < "k" < "l", if the "i"th vertex in the ordering is adjacent to the "k"th and the "l"th vertices, and the "j"th and "k"th vertices are adjacent, then the "j"th and "l"th vertices must also be adjacent.
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