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VERB   to be | [I / he / she / it] was / wis [Scot.] / / [you / we / they] were | been
being | is
SYNO atomic number 4 | Be | beryllium | ...
битиto be
Белгија {ж}
Belgium <.be>
берилијум {м} <Be>
beryllium <Be>
2 Words
Пази!Be careful!
Буди опрезан!Be careful!
бојати сеto be afraid
плашити сеto be afraid
љутити сеto be annoyed
звати сеto be called
бити отпуштенto be dismissed
завршитиto be done
бити готовto be done
бити [св.] [несв.] задовољанto be satisfied
бојати сеto be scared
плашити сеto be scared
бити жеданto be thirsty
грешитиto be wrong
unverified погрешити [св.]to be wrong
3 Words
бојати сеto be afraid of
сметиto be allowed to
бити тачанto be on time
доћи на времеto be on time
unverified требатиto be supposed to
4 Words
бити заљубљен уto be in love with
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Usage Examples English
  • EAS can be a flat rate, message or measured and also it can be zoned as well. It can be optional or be mandated by government regulations.
  • These fish should be kept in well-oxygenated aquarium with a high current.
  • Candidates must be in good standing with the Church, be willing to accept that belonging to Solus Christi means a lifelong commitment to the monastic way of life, be at least 21 years of age and be proven to be of sound physical, psychological, spiritual and moral health.
  • "Mitzvot" that must be performed during the day may no longer be performed "ab initio." Minchah should not be delayed past now. Maariv may be recited now, although many wait until after nightfall.
  • Let S be subjective time, R be real time, and define both to be zero at birth.
  • 5: A church will be built equidistant from all estates.
  • For example, Japanese would be considered an OV language, and English would be considered to be VO. A basic sentence demonstrating this would be as follows.
  • A catwalk may also be placed upstage of the proscenium as part of the fly system. These may be fixed, or they may be able to be raised and lowered.
  • Some families traditionally considered to be Rhabditida seem to be closer to the Tylenchida. If the Tylenchia are to be maintained as separate, they probably will be included therein.
  • Similarly, "G" cannot be abelian, otherwise it would be solvable. As "G" is simple, its center must therefore be trivial.
  • The scope of the problem is to find all possible dependencies between "S1" and "S2". To be conservative, any dependence which cannot be proven false must be assumed to be true.
  • Digital genetic sequences obtained from DNA sequencing may be stored in sequence databases, be analyzed (see Sequence analysis), be digitally altered or be used as templates for creating new actual DNA using artificial gene synthesis.
  • The term of the contract should be included in this section, detailing a specific time after which the contract will be terminated or no longer be enforceable.
  • In order to increase train speeds and frequency to meet these goals, a number of incremental track improvement projects must be completed.
  • If scaffolds are unable to be removed from the animal tissue, they must be edible to ensure consumer safety. It would be beneficial if they were to be made out of nutritious ingredients.
  • The existence should not merely be asserted, should be proven rigorously.
  • Pistols may be carried openly without a license, or concealed with a license. Long guns must be unloaded while the motor is running; they are not required to be encased, but must be in plain sight.
  • Let [...] be heat, [...] be work, [...] be kinetic energy and [...] be potential energy.
  • For limited classes of target distributions, the optimal acceptance rate for this algorithm can be shown to be [...]; if it is discovered to be substantially different in practice, [...] should be modified accordingly.
  • To Elders be Respectful; To Juniors be Kind; With All Humanity be Harmonious; In all Endeavours be True.
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