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Ihr [Possessivpron.]
your [formal sg. and pl.] [your house, dog, support, etc.]
domesticated [house-trained]
furnished [house]
elend [erbärmlich, armselig] [z. B. Behausung, Zustand]
forlorn [miserable, wretched] [e.g. house, state]
spooky [house, woods, person]
pompös [Haus, Dekor]
pretentious [house, decor]
eng [Zimmer etc.]
poky [room, house]
welcoming [smile, gesture, house, room, pub]
Reihen- [z. B. Zähler, Haus, Dorf]
row [attr.] [e.g. counter, house, village]
crossbench [Br.] [House of Lords]
studeerkamer {de}
office [room in a house]
detached [e.g. house, building]
stuga {u}
cottage [small house, hut]
krog {u}
pub [Br.] [coll.] [public house]
fritstående [fx hus]
detached [e.g. house, building]
detached [e.g. building, house]
detached [e.g. building, house]
lekestue {m/f} [liten hytte til å leke i]
playhouse [small house for children to play in]
flutningur {k}
move [change of house, flat]
knæpa {kv}
pub [Br.] [coll.] [public house]
krá {kv}
pub [Br.] [coll.] [public house]
öldurhús {hv}
pub [Br.] [coll.] [public house]
ölknæpa {kv}
pub [Br.] [coll.] [public house]
ölstofa {kv}
pub [Br.] [coll.] [public house]
félagsmiðstöð {kv} [í fátæktarhverfi]
settlement [settlement house]
fuglahús {hv}
aviary [bird house]
livable [house: habitable]
liveable [house: habitable]
amplio [casa]
spacious [house]
monísimo [col.]
adorable [e.g. house, hat]
mudarse [casa]
to move [home, house]
dueño {m} [negocio, casa]
owner [shop, house]
dependencia {f} [habitación en una casa]
room [in a house]
chantin {f} [casa] [cent.] [Panamá] [col.]
drum [house] [Am.] [coll.]
editorial {f} [firma editora]
publisher [publishing house]
shabby [hotel, house]
chauffer [appartement]
to heat [room, flat, house, etc.]
propriétaire {m}
landlord [owner or manager of house]
salon {m}
lounge [in private house, on ship, in hotel]
bicoque {f} [fam.] [péj.]
dump [coll.] [little house] [pej.]
jardin {m} [d'une maison]
yard [Am.] [garden in front of a house]
addition {f}
extension [house]
baraque {f} [fam.] [maison]
dump [coll.] [house]
délabrement {m} [maison, équipement]
dilapidation [house, equipment]
déménagement {m}
removal [esp. Br.] [moving house]
grondaia {f}
gutter [that collects rainwater off the roof of a house]
casa {f} prefabbricata
prefab [coll.] [prefabricated house]
vilă {f}
mansion [large, imposing house]
curățenie {f} de Crăciun
[traditional thorough house cleaning before Christmas]
villa {f}
villa [country house]
георгианский georgianskij
Georgian [architecture, house, style, period]
проектировать [несов.] projektirowatʹ
to design [house, kitchen etc.]
двор {м} [участок земли] dwor
yard [of prison, school, house etc.]
гостиная {ж} [одна из комнат дома] gostinaja
parlour [Br.] [dated] [sitting room in a private house]
переезд {м} [напр., переселение в другой дом, в другую квартиру] pereesd
move [change of house]
пансион {м} [небольшая гостиница] pansion
pension [boarding house]
фасад {м} [тж. перен.] fasad
front [of house, also fig.]
изба {ж} isba
izba [traditional Russian log house]
kasyno {n} [dom gry, gra w karty]
casino [gambling house, card game]
baráček {m}
cottage [house]
rezidencia {f}
residency [official house of a high-level state official]
vila {f} [veľký, impozantný dom]
mansion [large, imposing house]
fara {f} [katolícka]
presbytery [house of Roman Catholic priest]
gánok {m} [zast.] [al. reg.]
corridor [hallway in a village house, covered above and (partially) open or glassed-in along the exterior side]
chata {f}
lodge [small country house]
samota {f} [dom al. domy mimo dediny]
hamlet [house or houses outside a village]
вила {ж} vila
mansion [large, imposing house]
vila {f}
mansion [large, imposing house]
обзаведен [стая, къща] obzaveden
appointed [room, house]
bojaxhi {m}
painter [house-painter]
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