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boreal [relating to the north]
voll [ugs.] [sehr]
geet [Br.: esp. North East] [sl.]
wor [coll.] [North East England] [our]
jülichsch [veraltet]
[concerning the town of Jülich in North Rhine-Westphalia]
to clam [Br.] [North England] [famish]
malochen [ugs.]
to moil [North Am.] [dialect] [archaic] [to toil]
Güterzugbegleitwagen {m}
caboose [Am.] [North America]
Sylt {n} [Insel Sylt]
Sylt [biggest of the North Frisian Islands]
Piefke {pl} [österr.] [pej.] [Deutsche, öfter Norddeutsche]
Germans [usually North Germans]
Gässchen {n} [schmaler Durchgang zwischen Häusern]
ginnel [North England] [alley]
Minnesota {het} [staat van de Verenigde Staten]
Minnesota <MN> [North Star State, Gopher State]
cierzo {m} [esp.]
[north wind, particularly blowing in the Ebro valley]
Neustrie {f} [Royaume de Syagrius]
Neustria [Kingdom in north west of today's France]
Kalmoukie {f} [aussi : république de Kalmoukie]
Kalmykia [also: Republic of Kalmykia] [republic of Russia located directly north of the North Caucasus in Eastern Europe]
Valachie {f}
Wallachia [also: Walachia] [historical and geographical region of Romania, situated north of the Lower Danube and south of the Southern Carpathians]
Antilles {}
Antilles [archipelago bordered by the Caribbean Sea to the south and west, the Gulf of Mexico to the northwest, and the Atlantic Ocean to the north and east]
venelle {f}
ginnel [North England] [alley]
Minnesota {m} [État du Midwest des États-Unis]
Minnesota <MN> [North Star State, Gopher State]
méchoui {m}
[whole sheep or lamb spit-roasted on a barbecue - popular dish in North Africa]
NATO {n}
NATO [also: Nato] [North Atlantic Treaty Organization]
NATO {n}
NATO [North Atlantic Treaty Organization]
Finnmarkin lääni
Finnmark [county in North Norway]
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