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regenerate [born again spiritually]
checking [measuring again]
to recount [count again]
to retreat [treat again]
to revise [Br.] [reread, study again]
retrozedieren [veraltet] [wieder abtreten]
to retrocede [rare] [cede back again, return]
nachstoßen [erneut stoßen]
to restrike [strike again]
Nachzählung {f}
recount [counting again]
Neuauszählung {f}
recount [counting again]
[Entlohnung, Vergütung etc.]
WRONG (common mistake) renumeration [WRONG for: remuneration; this misconstruction occurs much more than the correctly used "renumeration" (= numbering again)]
to reappraise [assess again]
Napoléon {m} Bonaparte [1769-1821] [aussi : Napoléon I]
Napoleon [also: Napoléon Bonaparte ] [1769-1821] [As Napoleon I, he was Emperor of the French from 1804 until 1814 and again in 1815]
à maintes reprises
consistently [time and again]
maintes et maintes fois
consistently [time and again]
узнавать [несов.] [ знакомое, знакомого] usnawatʹ
to recognize [know again]
возобновить [сов.] wosobnowitʹ
to resume [begin again]
na nowo
afresh [again]
znovu vybudovať [dok.]
to rebuild [build again]
znovu postaviť [dok.]
to rebuild [build again]
преговарям [несв.] [уроци и пр.] pregovarjam
to revise [Br.] [reread, study again]
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