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taub [gegen]
dead [against]
deviate [against nature]
aufgetragen [gegen ]
plotted [against, versus ]
suppressed [against noise or interference]
secure [against eavesdropping]
vergleichen [mit]
to match [with / against]
bestreiten [leugnen]
to dispute [argue against]
to wrong [discriminate against]
to adventure [attempt against odds, expose to danger or loss]
geifern [gegen ]
to rant [against ]
concurreren [met / tegen]
to compete [with / against]
bekæmpelse {fk} [af]
fight [against]
vern {n} [mot]
protection [against]
overtramp {n} [det å trå på, over en linje mot reglene]
[to step on, over a line against the rule]
að rengja
to dispute [argue against]
áhættuvörn {kv}
hedge [against financial loss]
baktrygging {kv}
hedge [against financial loss]
tryggingarfé {hv}
deposit [against damage]
isometric [exercise against resistance, equality of measure]
sombrilla {f}
umbrella [used on the beach and at cafés against the sun]
internación {f} [orden de ingreso]
advance [against the enemy]
imunizar [contra]
to immunize [against]
ironically [against expectation]
soundproof [sealed against noise]
insulated [against noise]
punir [infraction]
to penalise [in soccer, an infraction against the rules] [Br.]
to shield [against direct sunlight]
to punt [play against the bank]
attentat {m} [contre un groupe, bâtiment]
attack [against a group, building]
Praguerie {f} [1440]
Praguerie [a revolt of the French nobility against King Charles VII in 1440]
moustiquaire {f} [placée aux fenêtres, etc.]
screen [against insects]
contredit {m}
challenge [against a judgement]
cauzione {f}
deposit [against damage]
plasă {f} anti-insecte
screen [against insects]
depulsio {f}
defence [against a charge]
аргументировать [несов.] argumentirowatʹ
to argue [to advance reasons for or against smth.]
уплотнение {с} [устройство, предотвращающее утечку] uplotnenije
seal [against the passage of gas or water]
уплотнитель {м} [устройство] uplotnitelʹ
seal [against the passage of gas or water]
donos {m}
denunciation [action of informing against someone]
krytý [pred zlým počasím ap.]
sheltered [against bad weather etc.]
chránený [pred zlým počasím ap.]
sheltered [against bad weather etc.]
namietať proti [nedok.]
to mind [have something against]
mať niečo proti [nedok.]
to mind [have something against]
mať námietky proti [nedok.]
to mind [have something against]
имати нешто против нечега imati nešto protiv nečega
to mind [have something against]
imati protiv
to mind [to have something against]
удрям се [в] udrjam se
to bump [against]
to mind [to be against ]
screen [against insects]
olla jotakin sitä vastaan
to mind [have something against]
με πειράζει κάτι me pirazi kati
to mind [have something against]
to mind [have something against]
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