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blithely [carry on]
regally [say, carry oneself, walk, sit, etc.]
toted [esp. Am.] [coll.] [to carry]
conversational [able to carry on a conversation]
ausführen [verrichten]
to perform [carry out, accomplish]
durchführen [ausführen, z. B. Experimente, Operationen, Untersuchungen, Messungen]
to perform [carry out, e.g. experiments, operations, examinations, measurements]
ausführen [durchführen]
to conduct [carry out]
ausführen [verrichten] [auch Informatik]
to execute [perform, carry out] [also comp.]
to obtain [carry off]
to tote [esp. Am.] [coll.] [to carry]
uitvoeren [realisieren]
to conduct [carry out]
þriggjamannafar {hv}
[boat that can carry three persons]
to port [carry, transport]
coltiner [fam.] [porter de lourd]
to lug [coll.] [carry heavy]
exécuter [réaliser]
to execute [carry out, put into action]
continuer [poursuivre]
to prosecute [carry through]
reggere [portare]
to bear [carry]
проводить [несов.] prowoditʹ
to realize [carry out]
практиковать [несов.] [книжн.] [осуществлять на практике] praktikowatʹ
to practise [Br.] [carry out]
přenést [dok.]
to transfer [carry over]
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