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Fuß! [Hundekommando]
Heel! [dog command]
Hol! [Hundekommando]
Fetch! [dog command]
Apport! [Hundekommando]
Fetch! [dog command]
Aus! [Hundekommando]
Drop! [dog command]
Fass! [Hundekommando]
Attack! [dog command]
Bring! [Hundekommando]
Retrieve! [Fetch!] [dog command]
Platz! [Hundekommando]
Down! [dog command]
Steh! [Hundekommando]
Stand! [dog command]
Fass! [Hundekommando]
Sic'em! [dog command]
Hott! [Fuhrkommando: Rechtsherum!]
Gee! [Am.] [command to a horse etc. to turn to the right]
befallning {u}
order [command]
å kommandere
to order [make a command]
diktat {n}
dictation [prescription, arbitrary command]
mandar [ordenar]
to order [command]
ordenar [organizar, mandar hacer ]
to order [arrange, command to do ]
to command [be in command of]
orden {f}
injunction [command, order]
tener la sartén por el mango [col.]
[to have the command or advantage in a situation]
to order [command, place an order for]
injonction {f}
order [command]
faillir à
to disobey [a law, a command, etc.]
butte {f} de Zuran
Žuráň [ancient burial tumulus, site of Napoleon's command HQ for the Battle of Austerlitz (since 2005, extraterritoriality of France)]
vocal [ex. activare, comandă, control, mail]
voice [attr.] [e.g. activation, command, control, mail]
a comanda
to order [command]
приказывать [несов.] prikasywatʹ
to bid [command]
приказ {м} prikas
order [command]
начальник {м} natschalʹnik
commander [person in command]
rozkazywać [niedok.]
to order [command]
rozkaz {m}
order [command]
polecenie {n}
order [command]
Ľahni! [povel pre psa]
Down! [dog command]
Sadni! [povel pre psa]
Sit! [dog command]
Prines! [povel pre psa]
Fetch! [dog command]
Aport! [povel pre psa]
Fetch! [dog command]
Zostaň! [povel pre psa]
Stay! [dog command]
Čakaj! [povel pre psa]
Wait! [dog command]
prikázať [dok.]
to order [give a command]
rozkázať [dok.]
to order [give a command]
nariadiť [dok.]
to order [give a command]
príkaz {m}
order [command]
наредба {ж} naredba
order [command]
narediti [sv.]
to order [command]
zapovijediti [sv.]
to order [command]
komanda {f}
order [command]
naređenje {n}
order [command]
zapovijed {f}
order [command]
to dictate [command]
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