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graduiert [mit einer Maßeinteilung versehen]
graduated [container]
to fill [a container, bottle etc.]
fassen [Container, Tank, Raum etc.]
to contain [of box, bottle, room etc.]
ausschlagen [(ein Behältnis) mit Stoff etc. auskleiden]
to line [cover the inside surface (of a container)]
to fetch [from one's pocket, a container etc.]
füllen [in einen Behälter] [gießen]
to pour [into a container]
herausnehmen [innen Befindliches]
to detach [from a container etc.]
to empty [container with liquid]
eintuppern [ugs.]
[to put into a Tupperware® container]
Tank {m}
tank [container]
behållare {u}
case [container]
fodral {n}
case [container]
dosa {u} [burk]
canister [container]
dosa {u} [burk]
caddy [small container]
beholder {fk}
case [container]
tank {m}
tank [container]
container {m}
case [container]
tankur {k}
tank [container]
ílát {hv}
recipient [container]
askur {k} [ílát]
[wooden food container once used in Iceland]
hylki {hv}
holder [container, receptacle]
ker {hv} [ílát fyrir vökva]
vessel [container]
jaula {f}
cage [container]
jaula {f}
crate [container]
bote {m} [lata]
tin [Br.] [container]
bote {m} [lata]
can [Am.] [container]
recipiente {m}
box [container]
cárter {m}
sump [car's oil container]
hermétique [joint, récipient]
hermetic [joint, container]
remplissage {m} [de récipient]
filling [of container]
bidon {m}
can [large container for liquids]
contenitore {m}
holder [container]
contenitore {m}
case [container]
serbatoio {m}
tank [container]
цистерна {ж} zisterna
tank [container]
кейс {м} [ситуация или чемоданчик] kejs
case [situation or container]
консервная банка {ж} konserwnaja banka
can [sealed container]
obal {m}
case [container]
kŕmidlo {n}
feeder [a container with food for animals or birds]
nádržka {f}
tank [smaller container]
plechovka {f} [s vekom na kávu, čaj ap.]
canister [metal container for dry food]
misa {f} [plytká, na jedlo]
dish [container]
miska {f} [plytká, na jedlo]
dish [smaller container]
nádoba {f} [na tekutiny]
vessel [container used for holding liquids]
посуда {ж} posuda
case [container]
суд {м} sud
case [container]
čaša {f}
glass [container]
case [container]
tank [container]
case [container]
ποτήρι {το} potiri
glass [container]
katruve {f}
pitcher [container for liquids]
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