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feuchtkalt [Novembertag etc.]
damp [slightly wet and cold, e.g. November day]
contemporary [present-day]
academic [not applicable in every day life]
grim [weather, day, landscape, prospects]
niggardly [rare in present-day Am. usage]
dismal [day, weather]
following [day, etc.]
Herbst- [z. B. Tag, Katalog, Mode, Laub]
autumn [attr.] [e.g. day, catalogue, fashion, leaves]
Messe- [z. B. Besuch, Katalog, Tag, Exponat, Halle]
fair [attr.] [trade fair] [e.g. attendance, catalogue, day, exhibit, hall]
grau [trübe (Himmel oder Tag)]
dull [gloomy, grey (sky or day)]
bloeddropje {het} [Zygaena filipendulae] [dagactieve nachtvlinder]
six-spot burnet [day-flying moth]
dygn {n}
day [24 hours, day and night]
døgn {n}
day [24 hours, day and night]
døgn {n}
day [24 hours, day and night]
nåtid {m/f}
present [present time, present day]
økt {m/f}
[segment of a work day]
ungbarnaleikskóli {k}
nursery [day nursery]
frídagur {k}
holiday [feast day]
helgidagur {k}
holiday [feast day]
álfabrenna {kv}
[bonfire party on New Year's Eve and Holy Trinity Day (January 6)]
þrettándagleði {kv}
[festival held on the thirteenth day of Christmas]
veturnætur {kv.ft}
[the last two days before the first day of winter]
vöggustofa {kv}
nursery [day nursery]
daily [each day]
fiesta {f} [día festivo]
holiday [feast day]
guardería {f}
crèche [Br.] [day nursery]
sueto {m}
holiday [feast day]
beautiful [great day, weather etc.]
rude [journée, combat]
hard [day, fight etc.] [tough]
caniculaire [torride] [chaleur, jour, temps]
scorching [heat, day, weather]
convenu [heure, jour etc.]
appointed [time, hour, day etc.]
poindre [littéraire] [aube, jour]
to break [dawn, day]
date {f}
date [of letter, day of the week]
calendes {m}
calends [first day of the month in the ancient Roman calendar]
festa {f}
holiday [feast day]
solennità {f} [inv.]
holiday [celebration, holy day]
asilo {m} nido
nursery [day nursery]
sărbătoare {f}
holiday [feast day]
современный sowremennyj
contemporary [present-day]
холодный [прохладный] [тж. перен.] cholodnyj
chilly [of weather, room, day, reception etc.]
проводить [время, день, жизнь и т.п.] [несов.] prowoditʹ
to spend [time, day, life etc.]
праздник {м} prasdnik
holiday [feast day]
рассвет {м} rasswet
dawn [of day]
overcast [day]
dzień {m} tygodnia
weekday [any day of the week]
dzień {m} roboczy
weekday [working / business day]
dzień {m} świąteczny
feast [holy day]
svátek {m}
holiday [feast day]
(dětské) jesle {}
nursery [day nursery]
damp [slightly wet and cold, e.g. November day]
hic {m} [ľud.] [horúci deň]
scorcher [coll.] [very hot day]
plán {m} [denný ap. harmonogram]
schedule [day-to-day etc. plans]
blagdan {m}
holiday [feast day]
praznik {m}
holiday [feast day]
holiday [feast day]
holiday [feast day]
holiday [feast day]
date [day]
çerdhe {f} [fig.] [banesë familjare]
nursery [day nursery]
following [day, etc.]
following [day, etc.]
today [the present day, age]
date [particular day]
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