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idle [not doing anything]
here [on doing so, in this connection]
fehlend [geh.] [unrecht handelnd]
erring [formal] [sinning, doing wrong]
aufhören [z. B. zu tun]
to cease [e.g. doing ]
schonen [verschonen]
to spare [refrain from doing harm]
ausbremsen [ugs.] [ Erfolg bei etwas verhindern]
to snooker [prevent from doing or achieving]
Gespür {n}
flair [aptitude for doing well]
Leichtsinn {m}
rashness [doing things­ without proper consideration]
Zeit {f} [an einem Ort, in einem Beruf verbrachte Zeit]
stint [limited time spent swh. or spent doing a job in the past]
Stümperei {f}
blunderbuss [awkward action or way of doing ]
idle [not doing anything]
manier {de}
way [of doing ]
n doend
idle [not doing anything]
måde {fk}
way [of doing ]
prøvehopper {m}
[person doing ski jump before the event]
idle [not doing anything]
að linna [ linnir]
to cease [e.g. doing ]
að farnast [ farnast vel / illa]
to do [ is doing well / poorly]
to quit [coll.] [stop doing]
chapucear [col.] [hacer deprisa]
to botch [by doing too quickly]
médecin {m} légiste
pathologist [doing post-mortems]
médecin {m} légiste [femme]
pathologist [doing post-mortems] [female]
idle [not doing anything]
застуканый [разг.] sastukanyj
caught [in the act of doing wrong]
zanechať [dok.]
to abandon [stop doing]
vychytávka {f} [sl.] [nápaditý trik, finta]
trick [effective, clever or quick way of doing something]
neporiadnosť {f} [nedbanlivosť]
untidiness [of a person not doing things­ in a neat way]
nedbanlivosť [neporiadnosť]
untidiness [of a person not doing things­ in a neat way]
motať sa [nedok.]
to dawdle [be slow in walking or doing ]
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