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single [not double or multiple]
ambidextrous [archaic] [double-dealing, two-faced etc.]
doppelstöckig [ugs.] [z. B. einen doppelstöckigen Cognac / Wodka]
double [e.g. a double cognac / vodka]
gegenchecken [ugs.]
to countercheck [double-check, recheck]
to double [fold double]
to double [fold double]
to mackle [blur by double printing, etc.]
Sterilisation {f} [des Mannes] [durch (beidseitige) Vasektomie]
vasectomy [double vasectomy]
Duplizität {f}
duplicity [state of being twofold or double]
Dink {m} [Teil eines doppelverdienenden Ehepaars ohne Kinder]
dink [coll.] [person with double income and no kids]
albatross {u} [golf]
albatross [double eagle]
albatros {fk}
albatross [golf] [double eagle]
to duplicate [double]
battant {m} [de porte]
leaf [of a double door]
hallebarde {f}
halberd [2-handed pole weapon with double axe, introduced in the 14C]
hallebarde {f}
halbert [2-handed pole weapon with double axe, introduced in the 14C]
jeu {m} d'aiguilles
[set of four or five double-pointed knitting needles]
одинарный odinarnyj
single [not double]
francúzske úvodzovky {pl}
guillemets {pl} [double « and » or single ‹ and ›]
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