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top [first-rate]
Haupt- [wichtigste, erste]
principal [attr.] [main, first in order or importance]
former [attr.] [first mentioned]
crack [first-rate]
principal [first in importance]
first [for the first time]
primary [first-rate]
toll [ugs.]
top [first-rate, excellent]
erste [Aufgabe usw.]
primary [earliest, first]
beste [attr.] [erstklassige] [z. B. beste Qualität, bester Wein, bestes Hotel]
top [attr.] [first-class, best]
Delaware {het} [staat van de Verenigde Staten]
Delaware <DE> [The First State]
aanbetaling {de}
deposit [first payment]
verslunarmannahelgi {kv}
[the first weekend and Monday in August]
veturnætur {kv.ft}
[the last two days before the first day of winter]
frumflutningur {k}
premiere [first performance, showing ever]
entrada {f}
deposit [first payment]
anticipo {m}
deposit [first payment]
arras {}
deposit {sg} [first payment]
entrante {m}
appetizer [first course]
presentación {f}
introduction [first contact]
original [first]
trousse {f}
kit [first-aid, puncture repair etc.]
Directoire {m} [1795-1799]
Directory [1795-1799] [also: Directorate] [governing five-member committee in the French First Republic from 1795 until 1799, when it was overthrown by Napoleon Bonaparte]
débuts {}
debut {sg} [first appearance] [also: début]
entame {f} [première carte]
lead [e.g. first card in bridge]
calendes {m}
calends [first day of the month in the ancient Roman calendar]
Delaware {m} [État de la côte est des États-Unis]
Delaware <DE> [The First State]
ballotage {m}
[absence of an absolute majority in the first round of an election]
première {f}
premiere [first performance of a production, film]
l'Ouest {m}
the West [First World countries; western USA]
acconto {m}
deposit [first payment]
prezentare {f} [primul contact]
introduction [first contact]
вначале wnatschale
initially [at first]
первоначально perwonatschalʹno
originally [in the first place]
топовый [разг.] topowyj
top [attr.] [first-class]
задаток {м} sadatok
deposit [first payment]
Делавэр {м} [штат США] Delawer
Delaware <DE> [The First State]
zaliczka {f}
deposit [first payment]
podkład {m} [pierwsza warstwa farby]
undercoat [first layer of paint]
first [for the first time]
primary [happening first]
primary [happening first]
sčítanec {m} [prvý v poradí]
augend [first addend] [rare]
prvý raz
first [for the first time]
premijera {f}
premiere [first performance of a production, film]
премиера {ж} premiera
premiere [first performance]
deposit [first payment]
introduction [first contact]
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