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gähnend [fig.]
cavernous [hole]
vermaßt [z. B. Bohrung]
dimensioned [e.g. hole]
Schuss- [z. B. Leistung, Loch]
shot [attr.] [e.g. capacity, hole]
mouse [attr.] [e.g. hole, trap]
Einschuss- [z. B. Loch, Stelle]
bullet [attr.] [e.g. hole]
to drill [bore a hole]
ausheben [einen Graben, ein Loch, eine Grube etc.]
to excavate [a trench, a hole, a pit, etc.]
erweitern [z. B. Loch]
to ream [enlarge, e.g. a hole]
to drill [bore a hole]
weiten [Rohr, Bohrung]
to splay [pipe, hole]
å bore
to drill [a hole]
grop {m/f}
pothole [deep hole, pit]
grop {m/f}
pit [hole in the ground]
op {hv}
aperture [hole]
to bore [drill, pierce a hole]
hoyo {m}
hollow [shallow hole]
agujero {m}
rent [hole]
hoyo {m}
pit [hole in ground]
to drill [bore a hole]
to drill [bore a hole]
béant [trou, etc.]
gaping [hole etc.]
percer [mur, bois]
to drill [bore a hole through]
a găuri
to drill [bore a hole]
a fora
to drill [bore a hole]
сверлить [несов.] swerlitʹ
to drill [bore a hole]
pączek {m}
doughnut [usually without a central hole]
jama {f} [dół]
pit [hole]
vrtat [nedok.]
to drill [bore a hole]
upchať [dok.]
to plug [block: a hole etc.]
zapchať [dok.]
to plug [block: a hole etc.]
vŕtať [nedok.]
to bore [make a hole]
prepichnúť [dok.]
to prick [make a very small hole]
prebodnúť [dok.]
to prick [make a very small hole]
prederaviť [dok.]
to prick [make a very small hole]
рупа {ж} rupa
pit [large hole in the ground; also: gravel pit, coal pit]
to drill [bore a hole]
well [pit, hole]
pit [hole]
pus {m}
pit [large hole]
gropë {f} e thellë
pit [hole]
crack [hole in the ground]
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